Kelsie Remington Tingen car accident: Saratoga Springs, Utah woman died


Kelsie Remington Tingen car accident: Kelsie Remington has passed away suddenly. He was confirmed dead on Friday, November 24, 2023. She  died leaving many hearts scarred after learning of her sudden death. She will always be missed by all those who had the pleasure of meeting her during the course of her life.

Since the news of her death surfaced, many have not hesitated to share their heartfelt condolences with the family of Kelsie Remington, also paying tribute to her in recently released statements. Everyone is urged to keep the family in their thoughts and prayers as they navigate through this sad time grieving the unimaginable loss of Kelsie Remington.

Kelsie and her husband Chase were killed in a vehicle accident on Friday night. Chase is being treated in the hospital for his injuries. Kelsie did not make it. Kelsie was a bubbly, vivacious ray of sunshine whose joy sprang from her devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ. She had a powerful experience of His message and diligently served Him throughout her life, including as a full-time missionary in Baltimore, Maryland.

Kelsie’s brightness shone even brighter after she married Chase, her true love, barely four months ago. She was overjoyed to begin their life together, and she was never hesitant in expressing her feelings for him to people around her. Chase was also never afraid to show his feelings for Kelsie.

Kelsie Remington GoFundMe

On behalf of Reed Remington, a GoFundMe page was created by Amber Christensen in order to support the family with funeral costs and any extra expenses that may arise. “Chase has a long road of recovery ahead, both physical and emotional. Please consider making a donation to help ease the financial burden of all affected.”

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