Audrey Hensley Car Accident: 22-year-old Audrey Hensley died


Audrey Hensley Car Accident – Audrey Hensley  and her boyfriend Gavin Vinstra were involved in a three-vehicle crash. The collision happened in the 3600 block of Stadium Drive, involving a trio of vehicles carrying a combined four occupants.

It was necessary to use car extrication equipment in order to extract one of the individuals who was engaged in the collision from their vehicle, according to the officials. Audrey Hensley, which is 22 years old and hails from Portage, Michigan, was recognized as one of the individuals involved. She was rushed to a hospital for treatment of her injuries, but it was later determined that she had passed away.

Gavin sustained severe injured and was transported to the hospital in a critical condition. There are reports that Gavin Vinstra has succumbed to the injuries he suffered in the crash.

The Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety believes that excessive speed was a contributing factor in the crash.

As a young girl, Audrey was never seen without her favorite American Girl bitty baby, Sarah, whom she cherished along with her purple blanket. As she grew older, her dreams and personality shaped her into the sweet, free-spirited girl she was.

When Audrey was in the fourth grade, the Hensley family moved to Portage, Michigan, where she began attending local schools. She played softball in elementary school, but she quickly decided it was too boring for her and wanted to try soccer. She joined Portage Lightning Soccer Club, where she found another family. Once in high school at Portage Northern, she joined the school’s soccer team and ended up thriving in the athletic world, becoming a three-year varsity starter and earning several awards. She was a member of National Honor Society and earned an IB honors diploma as a 2019 graduate.

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