Why Is Sana Leaving Hololive? Tsukumo Sana Real Identity and Future Plans In Detail

Cover Corp announced on Tuesday that a member of Hololive Vtuber Tsukumo Sana will depart from Hololive as the first member of HoloEn to graduate, explaining that the reason for her departure is quite complicated. 

In a recent live stream, Sana revealed that she is graduating. She shared details about the activities leading up to her graduation, including many collab plans with other Hololive members.

Tsukomo Sana is one of the most popular 2nd generation Hololive English Visual Youtuber who made her debut in 2021. She is also known by another name Nanashi Mumen which refers to her legal inability to remember her real name.

On July 11, 2022, Sana announced that she would retire as a member of Hololive on July 31, making her the first to graduate from Cover Corp as Hololive English Visual Youtuber. Both Sana and Cover corp stated that she decided to graduate.

Before the announcement, her fans hoped that Sana’s leaving Hololive was related to NASA’s release of recent photographs from the James Webb space telescope, which occurred on the same day. Later, Sana discussed the telescope images on Twitter and was overwhelmed by fans’ support and well wishes.

As part of her duty as guardian of civilization on earth, she is entrusted to collect and maintain a list of human history so that it is not lost and inspire people so that humanity as a whole succeeds.

Tsukomo Sana Real Identity & Face Reveal

Many Youtubers hide their real face behind the mask of their personality. She performs under cover of her character Tsukomo Sana, as implied by her persona, and her real face is yet to be revealed to her followers. 

According to research, Tsulomo Sana is about five feet and one inch tall, and she celebrates her birthday on the fourth of August, which makes her a zodiac sign of Leo. She is given this term as she plays games with her friends and followers while employing imaginative names and images.

However, Tsukomo has opened up about several topics, including her personal preferences and those of the characters, to her devoted fans and admirers. She is one of the five people in her generation who the gods did not create.

To discuss how Tsukomo Sana looks, she has a long ponytail decorated with the two beautiful feathers of a silky brown pony with brown hair and golden brown eyes. She wears a light brown cloak over her clothes and covers her hand with gloves.

Tsukomo Sana Future Plans After Leaving Hololive

The announcement stated that Cover Corporation had discussed the direction of her future activity with Sana. Cover Corporation agreed to allow her to graduate as Sana faced difficulties.

According to Sana and Cover’s company press release, it was becoming a challenge for Sana to carry on with her VTuber activities. The specific reason for her departure and details of her future plans after graduation is yet to be revealed.

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