Why Did Remi Warren Leave The MeatEater Crew? Where Is He Now? His Age, Family, Net Worth Details

Who Is Remi Warren?

Netizens are questioning why did Remi Warren leave the MeatEater crew. Scroll down to find out why he left Netflix’s docu-series and what is he doing now.

TV personality, Remi Warren is well-known for his appearance in the Netflix series, MeatEater. He is a hunter, guide, nomad, and adventurer.

Warren spent most of his childhood in the woods hunting with his father and brothers. He is skilled in surfing the woods and hunting the animals for his survival.

Despite being an exceptional wildlife hunter and adventurer, Remi juggled different corporate jobs. Later, when he found several employment opportunities in hunting, he returned.

Remi appeared in the MeatEater for the first time in the second season in 2012. He then received huge fame and landed more roles in the series.

Why Did Remi Warren Leave MeatEater Crew?


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Remi Warren did not completely leave the MeatEater crew since he frequently appears in some episodes of the series.

He was first featured on the Netflix docu-series in 2012 as per Wikipedia. Next, he appeared in two episodes of season 3 while he was hunting alongside Steven Rinella.

Warren was also seen on the series in 2018 when he and Steven were stalking Roosevelt elk on Afognak Island. He might appear on MeatEater in the future as well.

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Who Is Remi Warren Wife Danielle Warren?


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Amicable Hunter, Remi Warren is wedded to his wife, Danielle Warren.

He and Mrs. Warren met during a hike when she got lost. Thankfully, Remi rescued her and the pair fell in love and began dating.

However, Remi and Danielle parted ways because of their unmatching career. Later, they acknowledged that their love was genuine and they reunited.

The lovers tied the knot on 4 April 2018 in a church in New Zealand. Moreover, they recently celebrated their 4th marriage anniversary.

Warren and his spouse welcomed a gorgeous baby girl, Wren Lucy Warren in 2021. The sweet family of three is happy and blessed.

Remi Warren Net Worth:

In 2022, the estimated net worth of Remi Warren is around $2 Million.

His primary source of income is hunting and TV shows. Besides, he also makes a decent sum from his YouTube videos, blogs as well as podcasts.

Warren lives a comfortable lifestyle and he often travels to different places for his profession.

Where Is Remi Warren Now?

As of now, Remi Warren is hosting the podcast, Live Wild with Remi Warren.

He is also an outdoor writer and he shares his blogs via his official website, remiwarren.com. Moreover, he is an outdoor photographer, videographer, and TV star.

Warren also serves as a hunting guide for national and international tourists. In addition, he works as a field editor for Western Hunter Magazine while he is home.

Meet Remi Warren On Instagram

Remi Warren is present on most social sites including Instagram.

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