Why Collier Landry Father Killed His Mother? All details

John Boyle Mansfield Ohio Now – Age And Parole

John Boyle is one of the most brutal murderers from Mansfield, Ohio, who murdered his wife after twenty-two years of their marriage. Collier Landry testified against his father in the court in 1990. 

John Boyle is the infamous murderer from Mansfield, Ohio, the United States, who brutally killed his wife and buried her in the basement. In particular, John Boyle is the father of famous cinematographer Collier Landry. Collier was just eleven years old when his father murdered his mother, Noreen. 

Further, John Boyle was a licensed medical doctor, and he was in a marital relationship with Noreen for more than two decades before killing her on New Year’s eve, 1989. In addition, John Boyle killed his wife and buried her naked body in the basement for more than eighteen months, where he told his children that their mother had fleed away.

Parole Update: Where Is John Boyle Mansfield Ohio Now?

John Boyle was found guilty of murdering his wife and abusing her corpse for eighteen months. In particular, he was sent to the Ohio Prison system on July 6, 1990, for twenty years to life in prison. 

He has served in jail for more than 369 months as of the current date. He had filed an appeal for his first parole on December 7, 2010, but the Ohio Parole Board his parole. Further, the parole board mentioned accepting his parole would demean the seriousness of the brutal crime. On the other hand, he appealed for his second parole in 2020, but the Ohio Parole board chair denied his parole on December 2, 2020, by stating he is a threat to public safety at the current date. In addition, he will have another parole on October 1, 2025.

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Why Did Collier Landry’s Dad John Boyle Kill His Mom?

John Boyle was in a martial relationship with Collier Landry’s mother for twenty-two years. However, Noreen Boyle had issued the divorce file in the court in November 1989, where she had alleged John for extreme mental cruelty and gross neglect. 

According to the investigation reports, John Boyle attacked Noreen on her head and suffocated her with a plastic bag over her head on December 31, 1989. Further, he buried her body under the basement floor of his new home in Erie, Pennsylvania, as investigating team recovered it on January 25, 1990. Collier Landry was just eleven years old when his sister Elizabeth was three years old at the time of the murder. However, Collier Landry and Elizabeth testified against their father in court in 1990.

John Boyle Age: How Long Has He Been In Prison? 

John Boyle has reached the age of 79 at the current date, where his exact date of birth is still missing from the web at the current date. He killed his wife after twenty-two years of their marriage in 1989, where he has served more than thirty years in Jail. 

Further, he had an extra-marital affair, where his mistress Sherri Lee gave birth to a daughter in January 1990, which was less than two weeks after Noreen’s disappearance.

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