Who Was Tampa Rapper Rollie Bands? Rapper Killed Outside His Apartment, Who Killed Him?

The rapper Rollie Bands was shot and died outside of his residence after making fun of his competitors on Instagram Story and perhaps disclosing his whereabouts.

Sharing your whereabouts on social media is dangerous, especially if you have foes stalking you and hoping to harm you. Unfortunately, Rollie Bands was unaware of this and made the fatal error of disclosing the location.

He shared a message to his enemies on social media a few days prior. Then, he allegedly challenged them to murder him, according to several online accounts. The result was that he died.

From his pictures on social media, Rollie Bands appears to be in his late 20s. On July 23, 2022, it was revealed that he had been shot and died outside his apartment only moments before posting a message to the Opps. Peace be upon him.

According to reports, shots were fired outside his apartment complex. The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office was contacted by REVOLT regarding claims of Bands being fired.

They acknowledged the existence of an inquiry into a gunshot that occurred at the IQ Apartments, located in the 1200 block of Bruce B. Downs Boulevard. At 3:30 on Friday, officers responded to a report of a person shot in the complex’s parking lot.

Another incident of gun violence in the rap culture, this time in Florida, has been reported. Tragically, gun violence has escalated to the point where it affects countless people’s lives daily.

Rollie Bands was a famous hip-hop artist raised in Tampa, Florida, and was known for his songs like Struggle, Close Ties, and many more. Being active on social media, he had an Instagram following of more than 5400 people.

Rapper Rollie Bands reportedly had a gunshot wound when he was rushed to the hospital, but the staff could not save him. After that, he passed away. Rapper Rollie Bands of Florida was shot and killed over the weekend after he demanded that his adversaries meet him at his condo.

Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office responded after Rollie Bands passed away by saying a guy was shot in the IQ apartment building. The police said that the alleged shooter had already departed the apartment building when they arrived on the scene.

Rapper Rollie Bands reportedly had a gunshot wound when he was rushed to the hospital, but the staff could not save him. After that, he passed away.

Because so many people knew where he lived, Rollie Band allegedly dared his detractors to come to see him on social media. A short while later, the assailants arrived at Band’s home and shot him dead immediately.

This elevated hooliganism to a new level. Many fans will be shocked by this, and the situation is intolerable. On the other side, was well-liked and served as a role model for many children.

Police were notified of the event but have not yet located the offender. Police are continuing their investigation and making every effort to identify the offender. 

After killing Rollie Bands, the murderers reportedly escaped, and police subsequently arrived at the crime scene at the complex apartment where Rollie Bands resides.

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