Who was Mufti Sardar Ali Haqqani and what was his death reason?

what was his death reason

News has been seen out that an Islamic cleric and Muslim scholar named Mufti Sardar Ali Haqqani has recently passed away in a car accident near Dara Adam Khel. It was sad that he passed away in a tragic accident. Now without him, his family was alone and they can’t live without him

Who was Mufti Sardar Ali Haqqani?

The news of his passing has been announced by the District Police officer DPO Kohat on Facebook. They say it was sad to announce to you that Mufti Sardar Ali Haqqani was no longer with us. We have started our investigation and we are finding out whose the main victim is. We gonna update you by posting like these tweets. So, stick with us. In today’s article, we gonna discuss what exactly happened to him and where he was going.

Mufti Sardar Ali Haqqani Death Reason

The news came out on Saturday night and it broke out the many hearts of the people after hearing about his sudden demise. His friends, his family, and his colleague all were sad now and mourning his death. When the news came out on the internet, many tributes came from all over the world. Many say, he was a great man and nice to everybody if he was met with a complete new stranger or he was met with his old friend.

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How did Mufti Sardar Ali Haqqani die?

He talks to them very nicely and didn’t say those things which hurt other people’s feelings. His neighborhood says we are thankful to God to bring the nice person into our neighborhood. Whenever we met him, it feels like we are meeting a new personality whose going to tell the new things about life or change the way of looking the things that most people can’t see that way.

Mufti Sardar Ali Haqqani Death Accident Video

Mufti Sardar Ali Haqqani was killed in an accident on Kohat Road in Peshawar. He was traveling in his car where he, his bodyguard, and the driver was with him. Everything was going well until this doesn’t happen with him. After some time, they met with an accident where the driver and the bodyguard got injuries but Mufti Ali died on the spot. He did not get enough time to take him to the hospital and start his treatment. As he already lost his life and the bodyguard and the driver would survive.

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