Who Is Tya Posey? Florida Woman Slaps 1 Year Old Child

 Slaps 1 year old As Caught On Camera

According to reports, Tya Posely, a girl from Florida, was arrested for assaulting her daughter. The video showing her hitting a one-year-old has gone viral on the internet for quite some time.

A strange video of a girl slapping her daughter recently went viral on social media. So yet, it’s unclear who filmed and shared the video on the internet, whether it was the girl herself or someone else.

According to Sanford police, a lady was arrested Tuesday morning after a disturbing video of her slapping and beating a 1-year-old was shared on social media.

Tya Posley, age 23, was detained at her residence after police received notice that the video had been shared as an Instagram story.

Who Is Tya Posely? Did She Abuse A Child?

Tya Posley was arrested at her house on the morning of 26 April after police received an allegation of probable child abuse.

Police stated that they got information from the public about an Instagram video depicting a lady harming a small child, and Posley was identified as the woman featured in the video.

According to Posley’s arrest report, the video shows her yelling and pointing at the infant before smacking it on the face and back. Moreover, according to the person who anonymously gave the video to authorities, the assault has been going on for a year.

Posley denied assaulting the infant in an interview with investigators. Police were able to properly identify her as the individual seen and heard in the video after analyzing the Instagram post.

Posley was detained and charged with one count of Child Cruelty/Abuse, and Child Protective Services took the child away from Posley’s care.

Florida Woman Slaps 1-Year-Old As Caught On Camera

A Florida woman, identified as Tya Posley, was arrested after a distressing viral video of her assaulting her one-year-old daughter began circulating on Instagram and Twitter.

People are concerned about the possible mistreatment that was witnessed by the blameless child behind the camera, and Posley has received a lot of backlash on the internet.

The fact that Posley was released from the Seminole County Jail on a $2,000 bond has outraged the public, and many have expressed their dissatisfaction via Twitter and Instagram.

Chief Cecil Smith commented that the video displaying what the innocent child had experienced is gut-wrenching and aggravating. Though social media has its drawbacks, he was happy about it since it provided immediate safety for this small child.

Furthermore, he expressed gratitude to the numerous citizens who watched the video and promptly contacted the authorities, indicating that they had just saved the infant’s life.

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