Who is Tre Melvin? How did he die? Tré Melvin dies unexpectedly

Who is Tre Melvin?

YouTube star Tre melvin had an accident on Monday, May 1, 2022, together with his friend Catheria Pacheco-Mendoza who lost her life in the tragedy. Tre Melvin was rushed to the hospital with the hope that he will survive it.

A statement posted on the YouTube star’s Twitter revealed he and Pacheco-Mendoza suffered brain damage in the collision.

“Trey and his girlfriend Catheria were involved in a serious car accident on Monday morning. Both are currently hospitalized with brain injuries. Casey was unresponsive while Trey was stable. Their families are asking you Send them prayers, blessings and a positive vibe. You’ll come out stronger and stronger. That’s it,” according to the statement.

How did he die? Tré Melvin dies

Melvin later confirmed his friends death on twitter. He said:

“I survived a fatal accident. Not my best friend. I don’t think I’ve ever been this deaf. Ever,” he wrote.

“To all who attacked us and ran away: Kathy is now an ancestor. She will take us to you. fine (physically). I was in a coma from the impact and my brain was bleeding profusely, but this morning the bleeding has stabilized. My neck and back. Want me to die, but that’s what drugs are for. I’m still alive and I’m grateful.”

As of late declared that he would leave the stage and sending off his own membership administration, tremelvin.tv, to communicate his perspectives on dark issues without limitations.

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“I will no longer allow platforms to censor my pain. I will no longer allow platforms to show my pain. I will no longer sit at a table where my darkness and weirdness are never really welcome. I will build my own”

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