Who Is Tim Weeks Married To? Details About His Wife Alexa Weeks

Tim Weeks finds the most creative inspiration from his wife and kids. He makes a great father and husband.

At noon, Bargain Hunt, a daytime TV program that includes several specialists, returns to BBC One. Tim Weeks, who spends a lot of time conducting auctions, described joining the team as a “dream come true.” He has also been honest about his connection in terms of his personal life.

Wessex Auction Rooms is proud to have Weeks as a co-owner, valuer, and auctioneer. His father, an auctioneer, founded the business he and his business partner, Martin Hughes, took over in January 2016.

His top lots at auction continue to be silver, music records, 20th-century decorative arts, and toys from the 1980s. Let’s learn about his personal life through the article here.

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Auctioneer Tim Weeks Is Married To Wife Alexa Weeks- Who Is She? 

Time Weeks and his wife Alexa have two children, Bella and Albie. He said he loved to spend his free time “having fun and lots of madness” with his family.

The celebrity has a private profile on Instagram, so nothing is known about his family life. He did mention that he no longer collects much because all of his money goes toward his kids.

Tim sincerely cares about his spouse and family and desires to lead a calm life. Tim works as a director, auctioneer, valuer, and catalog for Wessex Auction Rooms. He provides the red and blue teams on Bargain Hunt with helpful guidance outside of his day job.

He is motivated by those he has worked with within the field and has a “true love” for what he does.

The auctioneer hasn’t felt the need to talk about their relationship in public until this point because his wife Alexa has constantly supported his flourishing company in auctions and bids.

He is a man in great demand, but he cares for his wife and kids just as much. He resides in Chippenham, Wiltshire’s northwest, with his family.

Tim Weeks & Alexa Weeks Age Gap

Tim Weeks seems to be between the ages of 30 and 35. Alexa Weeks, his wife, also appears to fall inside this spectrum. We, therefore, speculate that they may have a 2 to the 3-year age difference.

Tim was born in England’s Chippenham in the 1980s. He is a British national who is of the white race.

The primary influence on Weeks’ choice to become an auctioneer was his father, Peter Weeks. When he was six years old, he sat in the corner of the auction rooms on the weekends to watch his father use the gavel.

He asserts that when he was five years old in 1963, his father purchased him his first gramophone as a cheap toy at a jumble sale. Then, his grandfather demonstrated how to disassemble appropriately, clean, and reassemble it.

Since joining the Bargain Hunt team in 2018, he has made a significant contribution. Tim had previously co-hosted Street Auction on BBC One.

What Is Tim Weeks Net Worth In 2022? 

Tim Weeks has accumulated a sizable net worth thanks to his successful career as an auctioneer, television personality, radio presenter, and businessman. His precise net worth is still under investigation.

Weeks hunts down antiques at neighborhood fairs to resell them for a handsome profit at auction. One of his most significant gains was the $50 he spent on a scrapbook filled with newspaper clippings from the 1940 football season.

He was successful in getting more than $1210 for the book. In addition to being the company’s owner, Tim also oversees Wessex Sales. In addition, he regularly appears live on the BBC2 network, where he is a renowned expert.

The TV personality admitted that he had suffered some enormous losses at auction despite having a solid eye for antiques.

Even though Tim has achieved incredible success, he acknowledged that his ideal profession would be athletics if it weren’t for his success in the antiquities industry.

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