Who Is Thanasi Kokkinakis Girlfriend? Who Is He Dating? His Age, Life, Family, Details

Who Is Thanasi Kokkinakis?

Thanasi is a well-known Australian tennis player. Thanasi enters the Adelaide quarterfinals, making his city proud. He has worked really hard for this opportunity and is confident that luck is on his side.

The player previously had a hard time with his injury journey. He is here now for a fresh start, and his followers couldn’t be more than happy.

With tonight’s match, the tennis fanatics are supporting him in the game. With all the hype going on, let’s dig into the athlete’s romantic life. 

Who Is Thanasi Kokkinakis Girlfriend


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Thanasi is a well-known Australian tennis player. The champ has won various tennis tournaments with singles, doubles, and a team. 

Kokkinakis is famous for outstanding tennis skills, talent, and looks. He has captivated the heart of his many fan followers. 

But, has there been anyone who has won Thanasi’s heart? Well, his romantic life has remained a mystery for now. 

Thanasi has not opened up about his love life. That being the case, he is presumed to be single in 2022. 

It looks like the tennis player is focusing more on his career now than his love relationship. 

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Thanasi Kokkinakis Gay Partner Rumors


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Throwback to 2017, Thanasi spoke about gay marriage and expressed his opinion. Kokkinakis, together with another tennis player, Nick Kyrgios, supported gay marriage when asked.

Since his support, his followers have shown curiosity about his gay rumors. As per the gossips, Thanasi had a gay partner and is in a relationship. 

However, it seems to be a false rumor, and the player did not have any gay partner. Also, Kokkinakis did not speak about the topic, and the gossips faded with time.

Moreover, the rumors “Thanasi having a gay partner” might have started with him supporting gay marriage. 

Thanasi Kokkinakis- Who Is He Dating?

25-years-old, Thanasi is not dating anyone currently. Also, he does not seem like a married man with a partner. 

Regardless, it got known that the tennis star at least had one relationship before. But, Kokkinakis’ partner has not been exposed to the media yet.

As a professional tennis player, he is focusing on his career. After the injuries, the player has made his comeback and aims towards victory.

He has prize money of around $1,665,019 for both singles and doubles. However, his exact salary is unavailable for the moment.

With the 6 December 2021 listing, currently, Kokkinakis is ranked in number 171. His highest ranking was in 2015, with number 69. 

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