Who Is Sykkuno? His Age, Biography And Net Worth

Sykkuno And Why Was He Crying? Emotional Last Stream On Twitch

Sykkuno was seen getting emotional in the last twitch stream. He said that the month had been rough for him. 

Sykkuno, a Twitch streamer and YouTuber from the United States is trending online after viewers watch his latest stream. They celebrate National Sykkuno Day, and the influencer was seen as emotional. 

What Happened To Sykkuno?


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Sykkuno seems to be emotional in his last twitch stream video. It is because his fans surprised him while he was streaming. 

They celebrated National Sykkuno Day and left a message for him in the game. In addition, there were messages from his fans and supporters where they thanked him for making them laugh. 

It was a tribute from his supporters and other community members, making him emotional. The gamers were also talking about him while playing. 

Thus, his emotions were affected at the end of the stream. Thus, he expressed his gratitude to his friends and viewers for making streaming fun for him. His friends also came to console him in the end.

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Why Was Sykkuno Crying?


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Sykkuno looked like he was crying in the last stream. However, he did not shed tears on camera, but he tried to hold it back.

The surprise that everyone planned for him made him emotional. It was tears of joy. But it is not the first time the fans saw him getting emotional during the stream.

Previously, as per  during a live feed of Among Us, he became emotional after a rough night. It started following Dexerto’s Minecraft stream with fellow video makers Valkyrae and DisguisedToast. 

Those were tears of sadness, but this time it was because he felt blessed and happy from the immense support he was getting from the community.

Did Sykkuno Announce He Is Going To YouTube Only On His Last Twitch Stream?

Rumors suggest that Sykkuno has announced that he is going to Youtube only on his last twitch stream. However, these are just rumors because he has not been streaming as much as he used to do previously.

He mentioned that this month had been rough for him, and he could not stream as much as he used to do. However, he made an emotional speech, which made some people think he may not be back. 

However, he has not announced it officially, and some people hope that they can see him back soon.

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