Who Is Sykkuno? His Age, Biography And Net Worth

Age Real Name And Girlfriend – Is He Leaving Twitch Or Retiring?

Sykkuno has become one of the most admired digital content creators, with millions of followers on Twitch: He was so emotional on his recent stream on Twitch. 

Sykkuno is one of the most loved American Twitch streamers and YouTubers, where he ranked in the top forty-one most-followed channels at the current date. Further, he falls in the top hundred most-subscribed channels on Twitch. 

In particular, followers have loved his content on social platforms, including Twitch and . In addition, he usually creates video content for the online game, including Grand Theft Auto V, Among Us, Valorant, Minecraft, and Mario Party.

Sykkuno started his career on YouTube back in 2001 with commentary game videos, such as League of Legends. However, he started streaming on his Twitch account regularly in April 2019. He has acquired more than four million followers on his Twitch account at the current date.

What Happened To Sykkuno? Is He Leaving Twitch Or Retiring?


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Sykkuno has impressed millions of fans with his incredible game streaming on his Twitch account in the following years. Further, people love to watch him streaming on Twitch and have admired his impressive videos on Twitch. 

Meanwhile, thousand of fans have noticed him being so emotional on his recent streaming, where he has expressed his emotions to his fans and thanked his supporters. His emotional video has circulated all over the social sites, which has made his fans wonder if something wrong happens to him in the following days. On the other hand, some people assume that he is retiring from Twitch and focusing on his YouTube content, whereas some think he might have some illness. Moreover, many people predict that he is about to take a short break as a content creator. However, there is no official announcement from him about his sudden leave.

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Sykkuno Age And Real Name


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Sykkuno introduced himself as Sykku in 2011 as his first official YouTube channel was named Sykku, where he launched his new YouTube channel called Sykkuno in 2012. Most of his fans recognize him by his professional name Sykkuno. 

Meanwhile, his fans always want to hear his real name from him. However, he has never disclosed his real name on the web at the current date. On the other hand, Sykkuno’s content creator fellow QuarterJade once reportedly revealed his name on the chat while they were streaming together, where QuarterJade addressed Kykkuno as Thomas. However, Sykkuno did not react to it and tried to avoid it as a joke, where he did not want to reveal his real name on the web.

Sykkuno Girlfriend: Is He Dating Someone?

Sykkuno has an impressive fan base in the public domain due to his unique personality. Meanwhile, many fans wonder if he has a girlfriend at the current date. However, he has never shared his romantic relationship in the media at the current date. 

On the other hand, some people assumed that he was in a romantic relationship with his digital content creator fellow Rae. However, they had confirmed that they were just good friends. 

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