Who Is Stephen Smith? His Age, Girlfriend And Net Worth

Madison Cawthorn Twitter Video Slammed Him As A Cousin Lover

Madison Cawthorn addressed the scandalous video of him that is viral on Twitter. 

Madison Cawthorn has been trending online for the last few weeks. A series of controversial images and videos of him are circulating online, which has caused him to be criticized. 

Madison Cawthorn Video Explained

Madison Cawthorn’s intimate has been circulating on Twitter. And he has admitted that the video of him where he was seen without clothes and doing activities with a man in bed is real.

But he claimed that it was part of a “coordinated effort” to discredit him and end his political career. He called the video’s release “a new hit against” him, saying he and his friend were “being silly.

He further explained in a tweet that he was “being crass with a friend, trying to be funny.” The video was taken way before as he says blackmailing will not work, and he will win. 

He was photographed wearing women’s underwear at a party a week back. He explained the images as well, claiming that they were taken before he was elected to Congress as part of a goofy game on a cruise ship with his buddies and his mother in the audience, writes

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Is Stephen Smith Madison Cawthorn Cousin?

Stephen Smith is said to be Madison Cawthorn’s cousin. While the previous video of Smith putting hands on Cawthorn’s crotch went viral, there were rumors that they had an inappropriate relationship.

Some netizens even said that they might be gay partners. There were a series of photos shared on social media, which showed two of them enjoying vacation. They are close to the extent that it is said that he went on Cawthorn’s honeymoon in Dubai as well.

In an almost eight-minute video posted Wednesday, the freshman congressman from North Carolina addressed all of the pictures and videos circulated online. 

He said that the video of him and the other man who put his hands on his crotch was his cousin, and it was just a joke. 

Who Is Stephen Smith?

Stephen Smith is a 23-year-old man who has been the scheduler for Republican Representative Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina’s 11th district since January 7, 2020.According to , he was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and resides in Hendersonville, North Carolina. He attended Liberty University and went to Western Carolina University for further education.

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