Who Is Spencer Haywood? His Family Background, Biography Details

Circumcision As A Child To The NBA’s Drug Scandal

Spencer Haywood was one of the many NBA stars that used drugs in the 1970s. Continue to know more about him.

Spencer Haywood is a retired American professional basketball player. He was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 2015.

Haywood had started his pro career in the year 1969 playing for the Denver Rockets. After that, he had stints with Seattle SuperSonics, New York Knicks, New Orleans Jazz, Los Angeles Lakers, and Reyer Venezia. The NBA star retired from playing for the Washington Bullets in 1983.

Winning Time Did Spencer Haywood Have Drugs Addiction Issues?


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Spencer Haywood had issues with drug addiction in past. Also, the latest installment of Winning Time has notes about his dark times.

Haywood had stated in a New York Daily News article talking about his LA times: “While I’m there, the Devil came in. In the form of coke.”

He has further said: “The Devil got in there, man, and it was controlling me completely and I wasn’t myself. Those players never got a chance to see who Spencer Haywood is and was.”

The NBA player claims that his drug use was well-known, but that no one had intervened or influenced his decision. It is still surprising that the whole NBA player had indulged in the late ’70s.

It took a long time for him to get sober and regain control of his life. More about his past life could be studied in his biography titled; Spencer Haywood: The Rise, the Fall.

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Spencer Haywood Has Opened Up About Circumcision


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Spencer Haywood had circumcised himself as a kid. The NBA star boldly affirmed the story stating that it is not an Urban Legend.

As per the fifth episode of ‘Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty’, Haywood had just signed for the team. He was a valuable addition to the team, however, there were rumors that Haywood had undergone Circumcision. Back then, the dressing room was eagerly excited to know about Spencer’s secret.

After realizing this, Haywood himself affirmed its reality and told the story to his friends. The NBA star had told the entire dressing: “I grabbed it, I held it down like a copperhead snake, I did the deed,”

Haywood’s biography also confirms that he did circumcise himself as a child. According to him, it was his brother who had influenced him to take the step.

Who Are Spencer Haywood’s Parents? Family Background 

Spencer Haywood was born to John Haywood and Eunice Haywood. He was born in Silver City, near Belzoni, on 22 April 1949.

Haywood’s father had died three weeks before his birthday. Ultimately, he and his nine siblings were raised by his mother who worked in both cotton fields and households.

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