Who is Siyabonga Zubane? How did he die?

Who is Siyabonga Zubane?

Siyabonga Zubane, Gomora actor Sdumo, has passed away in a horrific manner. He died after committing suicide. He plays vehicle robber and criminal Sdumo in the Mzansi Magic TV series Gomora, a man who will do anything for a speedy buck. Sdumo offered his spirit to the vehicle seizing organization, the popular and dreaded criminal in the town of Alexandra.

Gomora actor Sdumo after suicide

23-year-old Actor and performance artist Siyabonga Zubane is humble in real life and it’s all about working hard and doing what she loves to earn a living.

Siyabonga was born in the town of Alexandra, where the TV series is shot consistently, and figures out the language and culture of her town. According to him, his family left Alexandra when he was seven and he moved to the Tambisa community where he resided until 5th grade, then, at that point, he moved back to Alexandra.

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