Who Is Ryan Chandler? Obituary, Death Cause And Family

Is Ryan Chandler Pastor Dead?

American pastor Ryan Chandler is reported to be dead, whose death cause is said to be murder. Keep reading the article till the end to learn more about Chandler.

Ryan Chandler was an American pastor who was serving at The Connecting Center. Since September 28, 2018, he was associated with the Connecting Center. Apart from that, he has worked as a lead servant at Let’s clear the air since 2020. Besides that, he was also a student who was studying at Dallas College Richland Campus. And now, he is making headlines on the internet after his death news was announced on Facebook. People near to him are mourning his death and are paying tribute to him.

Death Cause – Is Ryan Chandler Pastor Dead?

Yes, as per some Facebook posts, Ryan Chandler is reported to be dead. Recently, the news broke on Facebook, which is now taking over other platforms too. People are eager to know about his death cause, but it has not been revealed.Moreover, the Chandler family has not given any official statement regarding his death. So, we are unable to find the actual cause of his death. Now, people near to him are sharing their condolence messages to the devasted family, and they have also shared variou

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What Happened To Ryan Chandler?

As mentioned earlier, Ryan Chandler passed away, and the obituary was released recently. As people wonder about his death cause, none of the verified sources have mentioned the fact regarding his sudden demise.Some people have said on social media that Chandler was murdered. However, we cant confirm this at the moment. Moreover, we are trying to get more information about the late personality and will update you with more info in the future.

Find Ryan Chandler Age

Ryan Chandler’s age has been a matter of concern to many people, but the actual age is not available in the public domain. Exploring his pictures, we can speculate that he was somewhere around 25 to 30 years.As per his Facebook bio, Chandler’s birthday was on April 4. Talking about his family background, Chandler was raised by his beloved parents, Brian Chandler and Deadra Chandler. Besides, Chandler was not only the child of his parents as he had three siblings named Justice Chandler, April Walker, and Joshua Chandler.

Ryan Chandler Was Married To His Wife

Ryan Chandler was a married man who was hitched by his wife, but the name has not been shared with the tabloids. He was also the father of two kids named Zoe Cotton Chandler and Malachi D Senter Chandler.

All of them are now saddened by the death of their beloved father, and they appear to be keeping privacy at the moment. 

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