Who Is Rosa Isabel Cespedes Callaca? The Dead Woman Who Banged On Her Own Coffin a

young lady from Peru

Rosa Isabel Cespedes Callaca is a young lady from Peru who, during her burial rites, suddenly slammed her coffin.

Rosa Isabel Cespedes Callaca was engaged in an accident in late April and was subsequently proved dead, forcing the family to proceed with the funeral and burial procedures.

Rosa’s relatives had assembled in Lambayeque on April 26 to pay their respects.

Watch: Dead Woman Bangs On Her Own Coffin

Rosa Isabel Cespedes Callaca’s coffin door was opened during her funeral after hearing a ‘banging’ coming from the coffin. Rosa apparently had her eyes open and was showing ‘vital signs,’ something spectators did not expect to see.

A Metro video of the occasion shows officers bringing her coffin past the throng. The next video shows doctors standing over Callaca, who is unconscious.
The cemetery’s keeper, Juan Segundo Cajo, informed the reporters that Rosa Isabel Cespedes Callaca opened her eyes and was sweating. Juan went straight to my office and dialed 911.

Rosa was then transported to Referential Hospital Ferrenafe, where she was placed on life support. She died just a few hours later, after displaying signs of minor recovery.

Rosa Isabel Cespedes Callaca Came Alive During Her Funeral

Rosa Isabel Cespedes Callaca’s family was shocked when she came to life during her burial. Callaca, still in her casket, was brought to Lambayeque’s Referential Hospital Ferrenafe by her shocked family.

She was discovered to exhibit faint signs of life and was connected to a life-support machine by medics after she arrived.
Rosa’s health, however, worsened and she, unfortunately, died a few hours later. Rosa’s family, who had to say their last goodbyes twice, is now seeking an explanation.

Her family wants to know if Callaca was sent to the morgue without being properly reviewed by the hospital, as they believe she was in a coma.
Peruvian police are currently investigating what transpired at the Lambayeque Regional Hospital, where Rosa was initially treated, that resulted in her death.

Callaca’s three nephews, who were also injured in the incident, are claimed to be recuperating in hospital but remain in critical condition.

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