Who Is Packy Lee? Age, and biography and his Net Worth

Jordy Is Just One Of Many Cameos On Derry Girls Season 3

Packy Lee makes a cameo on Derry Girls Season 3. He is among several other actors to make an appearance in the latest season of the sitcom. Let’s take a look at the cameos and details of the third season of the show.

Derry Girls is a British teen sitcom that premiered on January 4, 2018. It aired on Channel 4 and is the channel’s most successful comedy since Father Ted. It was inspired by the series creator and writer Lisa McGee’s own experiences growing up in Derry, Northern Ireland.

The series stars Saoirse-Monica Jackson, Louisa Harland, Nicola Coughlan, Dylan Llewellyn, and Jamie-Lee O’Donnell as five teenagers living in the mid-1990s Derry. The teenagers attend a fictional girls’ Catholic secondary school, Our Lady Immaculate College, based on Thornhill College, where McGee studied.

Packy Lee Cameo On Derry Girls Explained


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Packy Lee was seen on Derry Girls, making a cameo appearance as Jordy. And fans were quick to notice the appearance of the Peaky Blinders star. He is among a few other actors to appear in the comedy series’ latest installment.

During the third episode of season 3, Erin and friends and family hopped on the train bound to the seaside town of Portrush in Northern Ireland. And during the journey, James mistakenly swaps bags with a mystery guy on the train named Jordy.

Packy Lee is an Irish actor best known as Johnny Dogs, one of Tommy Shelby’s closest allies throughout the entirety of Peaky Blinders. He has acted on The Shore and The Frankenstein Chronicles.

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Packy Lee Character On Derry Girls Explained


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Soon after the bags were mistakenly swapped, the gang realized that the bag did not contain James’ swimming trunks. The gang became further alarmed when they saw a gun, a packet of Tayto crisps, some tools, a balaclava, and over a thousand pounds in cash.

After the scuffle to retrieve James’ bag and swap it with Jordy’s, it turned out that the bag was actually Aideen’s. She had just spent ten years in prison and had just asked Jordy to keep an eye on it for her. She was enraged that her bag of Tayto crisps was eaten by the gang.

Fans were quick to deduct that the mystery guy was Johnny Dogs from Peaky Blinders, portrayed by actor Packy Lee. Several Tweets were made by fans on the cameo.

Other Notable Cameos On Derry Girls

Several other renowned actors made cameos on the sitcom. Hollywood legend, Liam Neeson was seen on the premiere episode of season 3 where he appearedin charge of questioning the gang who helped two men burgle the college.

Likewise, Amy Huberman appeared in episode three as Tara, a train ticket seller who talks loudly about her personal sex life on the phone.

Moreover, Michael Fry made a cameo as a ticket conductor who made sure that the friends did not get their favorite snacks, KitKat.Additionally, Sinead Kennan was the one whose bag was  with that of James. It was revealed that she was an ex-convict and childhood friend Aidee of Ma Mary and Aunt Sarah.

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