who is Nalie Agustin? How did Nalie Agustin die?

Nalie Agustin, Whose Determination And Struggle With Breast Cancer Encourage And Influence Several Others

Nalie Agustin, whose determination and struggle with breast cancer encourage and influence several others has passed away. 

Nalie Agustin Death Age 33 From Cancer


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The obituary of Nalie Agustin, who died at the age of 33 from cancer, is circulating on social media. She was battling breast cancer for a long time now. 

Augustine discovered a lump in her left breast when she was 24 years old. But she was recovering until four years later it reappeared. 

Her death news was announced on Instagram where a part of her thoughts from her diary was shared. According to that, she doesn’t want to be remembered for what she wears, what she owns, or where she has been.

She doesn’t want to be identified by the way her scarf is tied or the style of her short hair. Agustin also stated that she does not want to be remembered as a cancer patient, particularly for the treatment or remedies she has used.

She asks that everyone remember her for the way she made others feel when they were in her presence. Remember her as someone who remembered your birthday and went out of her way to make it special.

She wishes to remain in our hearts and minds as a cheerful person who never gives up on herself and provides a positive influence to others. 

And at last, she concludes the writing by saying that she doesn’t want to be admired but to inspire others.

Agustin’s family shared her desires on Instagram after her demise. 

Condolences for the amazing soul are flowing through social media and netizens are supporting her friends and family. 

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Nalie Agustin, Advocate From Montreal


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Nalie Agustin is an Instagram Advocate from Montreal who shared her breast cancer journey with her fans and followers. She began documenting her journey with early-stage breast cancer in 2013

She then decided to open up about her health challenges on YouTube in order to inspire others living with the disease. Following her unique way of sharing her story as a diary, she managed to inspire and encouraged several women all around the world. 

Augustine’s goal at the time was to educate her extended Filipino family about the treatment she was receiving. And how she was dealing with the difficulties.

It later grew into a large and supportive online community. She had finally defeated cancer after several treatments but only to reappear in 2017.

“I had chemo, a mastectomy, and radiation before being cancer-free. And then I had to return three years later and tell all of these people who looked up to me as a beacon of hope that I had relapsed. It’s returned,” in an interview, Agustin stated.

However, Agustin continued to tell her story. In 2019, she was one of the faces of Rihanna’s lingerie campaign, which chose young women who had battled breast cancer for her Savage X Thrivers clothing line.

Agustin became a best-selling author last year after writing about her ups and downs with her diagnosis in “The Diary of Nalie.”

Nalie Agustin, Wiki- Meet The Influencer’s Partner

Nalie Agustin does not yet have a Wikipedia page, but her story and the difficulties she has faced have not been kept secret. The influencer along with her partner, Vee Thakrar is quite active on Instagram.

After she decided to discontinue her chemotherapy, she expressed her concern about losing him and disappointing him.

Vee is my greatest fear, I’m afraid of disappointing him, I’m terrified of leaving him, she wrote in her diary. 

Agustin expressed her deep love and regard for her partner.

“It would be easy to flee and avoid the potential pain, but as I see so many relationships go through Divorce, Breakups, and Heartbreaks. Domestic Abuse; Manipulation Unfaithfulness, grief, or how some single people struggle to find the right one.

I can’t help but think, at least I have you. At the very least, we have each other to help us get through this,” she wrote.

Vee is an entrepreneur who specializes in digital marketing. 

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