Who is Nagaenthran K. Dharmalingam? Death Cause And Obituary On Reddit all detail

Death Cause And Obituary On Reddit

Upon entering Singapore, Nagaenthran K. Dharmalingam was convicted of trafficking reportedly 42.72 grams of heroin in 2009.

The trending person Nagaenthran K. Dharmalingam was a Malaysian Indian sentenced to trafficking 42.72 grams of heroin.

He was convicted of trafficking heroin strapped to his thigh upon entering Singapore, reportedly from Malaysia at Woodlands Checkpoint.

To monitor further the trending case, comply with the article underneath. We’ve covered details exhaustively about Nagaenthran.

Who is Nagaenthran K. Dharmalingam Singapore? Why Was He Arrested?


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Upon reaching Singapore, Nagaenthran K. Dharmalingam from Malaysia at Woodlands Checkpoint was arrested for trafficking 42.72 g of heroin.

The bundle of heroin was reportedly strapped to his thigh. Nagaenthran K. Dharmalingam confessed to committing the crime.\
However, he claimed that he was ordered to do so out of compulsion by a mastermind who allegedly assaulted him and threatened to kill his girlfriend.

On top of that, the Malaysian Indian also claimed to commit the crime to get money to pay his debts when asked why he did do so.

He was sentenced to death previously by hanging in 2010. Yet, the execution was put on hold due to Singapore’s pending judicial changes.

Dharmalingam was assessed as ineligible for resentencing because he was not substantially mentally disabled regardless of multiple appeals.

He also lost his appeal for clemency and was scheduled to hang out after spending 11 years on death row on November 10, 2021.

Nevertheless, the execution was suspended for five months due to his last-minute appeal and COVID 19 infection.

He made substantial rounds on the web after his execution at Changi Prison today, April 27, at 33 years.

Before the execution, his case garnered the attention of many activists and organizations asking for Singapore to commute Nagaenthran’s death sentence.

In response to the pleas, the Singapore government explained that he was not substantially mentally or intellectually impaired despite his low IQ,

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Nagaenthran K. Dharmalingam Death Cause And Obituary On Reddit

Nagaenthran K. Dharmalingam’s death cause is discussed on Reddit presently. On April 27, 2022, he was executed over drug charges in Singapore.

Thus far, his family hasn’t released the obituary and funeral arrangement. The Malaysian Indian is making headlines all over the place.
M Ravi, a lawyer who previously represented Dharmalingam, expressed his grief over his execution, saying: ‘Om Shanti, may your soul rest in peace.’

On Monday, a few hundred people reportedly turned out to gather in Hong Lim Park to show their opposition to the death penalty.

Nagaenthran K. Dharmalingam Family Details

Nagaenthran K. Dharmalingam’s family hoped for a miracle to halt his execution. However, he was executed despite many opposing the performance.

Talking about his family details, his brother Navin Kumar stated that the body would be sent back home to Malaysia for a funeral.

Nagaen has two younger brothers and an elder sister named Sarmila Dharmalingam. His mother made a last effort to save him, but it was dismissed.

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