Who Is Megumi Ishitani? Age , biography and His Net Worth

Megumi Ishitani biography

In One Piece Episode 1015, the anime will make a dramatic comeback. For the next episode of One Piece, the anime has secured a great director.

Information about upcoming episodes of the adaptation and the return of the beloved Megumi Ishitani was just released.

She is the best director the series has ever had. Despite the fact that the series returns on April 17 with Episode 1014, all eyes are on One Piece episode 1015, which will be the adaptation of the series’ classic chapter 1000.

It’s going to be the best One Piece episode in the show’s history, dating back to 1999, due to the outstanding team in charge of the episode, lead by the talented Megumi Ishitani.

Who Is Megumi Ishitani?

Megumi Ishitani is one of the anime industry’s most successful new directors. She studied at the Tokyo University of the Arts and was accepted into the GEIDAI Animation Program as a result of her outstanding abilities.It’s a highly prestigious program that only accepts a few dozen students per year. Megumi Ishitani graduated from the school in 2015, and a year later, she was already a member of the Dragon Ball Super staff.

Ishitani has progressed quickly through the ranks at Toei Animation, becoming one of the greatest directors.

Her first assignment on the Dragon Ball Super series was directing the fifth and seventh endings in 2016 and 2017, respectively.

She made quite an impression, eventually directing the series’ final episode in her directorial debut, which is still considered one of the best the series has produced to date.

Megumi Ishitani made her One Piece debut with Episode 957, which dealt with the breakdown of the Shichibukai system as well as an overview of the Reverie’snews.

Months of work went into the episode, and she had a fantastic team behind her.

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Megumi Ishitani Director Of One Piece Set To Direct Episode 1015

Ishitani will take on the role of executive director, overseeing the whole direction and production of the one piece episode 1015.

Keisuke Mori and Hirotakа Ito will join her as animаtion directors for episode 1015.

Because of the combined efforts of all three very talented individuals, One Piece Episode 1015 appears to be one of the most important episodes in the series.

Considering what will be adаpted in this episode, it may even exceed One Piece’s thousаndth episode in terms of fan anticipation and quality reception.

In particular, the reappearance of Ishitаni has sparked the excitement of fans.

Perhaps as a result of her increased prominence as a filmmaker, she appears to be the only one about whom fаns can speak.

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