Who Is Matthew Chow? All details

Man Among Five Other Identified In Bar

Let’s find out in detail about Matthew Chow, who was the man among five others identified in the bar exam cheating scandal.

The identities of the six trainee lawyers who cheated in the 2020 bar examinations have been revealed after a High Court judge revoked an injunction to keep their names hidden on Wednesday (April 27).

Following “extreme public interest” in the case, Justice Choo Han Teck granted the Attorney-General’s request to revoke the redaction and sealing orders.

Who Is Matthew Chow? Man Identified In Bar Exam Cheating Scandal


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Matthew Chow is among the six petitioners identified in the extempore judgment. Monisha Devaraj, Kushal Atul Shah, Sreeraam Ravenderan, Lynn Kuek Yi Ting, and Lionel Wong Choong Yoong are people involved in the bar exam cheating scandal.

After the six attorneys were discovered to have cheated on the tests, Justice Choo declared in his original ruling last week that he would not identify them “hoping that they would not be disadvantaged in the long run.

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Matthew Chow Linkedin & Education


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When it comes to the LinkedIn and education information of Matthew Chow, there is not much information about him on the internet. However, we can find several accounts on LinkedIn under the name Matthew Chow.

As the cheating scandal has gone viral on the web, we might get to know more about Matthew in the upcoming days.

Know More About Cheating Scandal

The “tremendous public interest” in the trainee attorneys’ names was “carried by a mix of curiosity, outrage, and pity,” Justice Choo said on Wednesday. Five trainee attorneys used WhatsApp to exchange answers to six exam questions.

The bar applications of the five trainee attorneys were adjourned for six months, while the application of the fifth trainee lawyer was suspended for a year.

From Wednesday’s extempore ruling, it was unclear whether the six-bar aspirants belonged to the group of five.

Following the first disclosure of the six petitioners, the Attorney-Chambers General stated that the Attorney-General was reviewing the petitions of another five trainees.

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