Who is Martha Elizabeth Mitchell: Gaslit John and Marty Mitchell Daughter Datails

Gaslit John and Marty Mitchell Daughter

Martha Elizabeth Mitchell, the only daughter of John and Martha, is broadly recognized as Marty. Her story is featured in the series Gaslit.

The only daughter of John and Martha Mitchell, Martha Elizabeth Mitchell, aka Marty’s story, is highlighted in an eight-episode series Gaslit.

Gaslit features the 20th century’s most prominent political scandals. The eight-episode long series aired on the 24th of April 2022 on Starz.
The series’ storyline revolves predominantly around the Mitchell family. Martha is one of the first whistleblowers of the Watergate Scandal.

Mitchell is introduced as the surprisingly frank wife of former attorney general John Mitchell. Let’s learn in detail about her in the article.

John and Martha Mitchell Daughter Martha Elizabeth Mitchell’s Story In Gaslit

John and Martha Mitchell are the parents of only daughter Martha Elizabeth Mitchell, aka Marty. Their story is highlighted in the new series Gaslit.

The series has heavily discussed events in American history-the Watergale Scandal. Following the airing of the series, they’ve been trending remarkably.

Based on the 1st season of Slate’s “Slow Burn” podcast, the series emphasizes Martha Mitchell, wife of U.S. Attorney General John Mitchell.
Actor Sean Penn plays the character of Martha’s husband, John, whereas actress Julia Roberts portrays the role of Martha Mitchell in the series.

History remembered them as the unlikely whistleblower who firstly accused President Richard Nixon publicly of being involved in Watergale.
Before John became Attorney General, he practiced law in New York City. Martha was formerly married to the U.S. Army Officer Clyde Jennings, Jr.

Martha and Clyde had a son Clyde Jay Jennings. However, the former couple eventually divorced in August 1957 for unknown reasons.

The same year in December, Martha tied the knot with John. After four years of their marriage, they had their daughter Martha aka Marty, in 1961.

Marty reportedly attended Stone Ridge Country Day School in Bethasda. Her parents sent her to Catholic school, although they weren’t Roman Catholic.

After Nixon became the president, the Mitchell family moved to Washington D.C.. from New York. Yet, Martha and her daughter didn’t have a life there.

While they were in Washington, they lived in the Watergate Complex. Martha and her daughter Marty weren’t fond of their life there.

Martha started raising voice after finding that the Committee to Re-Elect the President or CRP began using illegal methods to ensure that Nixon remained the President.

After the Watergate scandal, John left their home with their daughter Marty. He won Marty’s custody after a publicized legal fight.

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Where Is Martha Elizabeth Mitchell Now?

A marriage notice highlighted Martha Elizabeth Mitchell, aka Marty, and Paul James Savidge of Silver Spring in March 1989 in several outlets.

Marty graduated from Georgetown University and served as an associate with Dean & Associates, a consulting firm involved in the real estate sector.
Whereas Paul James Savidge, son of Robert J. Savidge of Wayne and Dolores T. Savidge, was an associate in the Washington law office, Lewis & Bockius.

Both of them reportedly went to Georgetown University. Beyond that, little information about Martha Mitchell is known until this day.
Marty’s mother, Martha, passed away from multiple myeloma. The funeral was attended by Marty and her father in First Presbyterian Church in Pine Bluff, Arkansas.

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