Who Is Lydia Moynihan New York Post Father? Her Age, Biography, Life Style Details

 Lydia Moynihan Journalist

Lydia Moynihan has grabbed national attention with her recent appearance on the morning news and talk program Squawk Box. Let’s explore more about the reporter.

Lydia Moynihan, a Wall Street reporter, recently had a Spirited conversation with Andrew Ross Sorkin and Joe Kernen at Squawk Box.

Viewers applauded her for her on-point answers during the show about Wall Street employees returning to the office.

Lydia said that people at various companies, particularly investment banking firm Goldman Sachs, are being bullied into returning to work despite the covid-19 surge.

Who Is Lydia Moynihan New York Post Father? 


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Following the popularity of New York Post reporter Lydia Moynihan, rumors have spread that  Brian Thomas Moynihan is Lydias’ father.

People have discovered a common bond between Brian Moynihan and Lydia Moynihan, which is finance. And because Lydia appears to come from a well-established family, the speculations intensified.

Brian and his wife Susan evidently have three children. Their identities, however, have not been made public.

So, it’s unclear whether Lydia is the daughter of an American businessman and the CEO of Bank of America, but the two have some things in common.

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Lydia Moynihan Age


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Wall Street reporter Lydia Moynihan appears to be around 28 to 32 years of age.

Lydia studied politics, philosophy, and economics at The King’s College in New York City between 2014 and 2017. She was a brilliant student with a 3.8-grade point average.

Lydias’ childhood details such as her schooling and which part of the country remain a mystery. However, based on her social media, we can tell that she enjoys visiting New York, Miami, and Toronto.

Is Lydia Moynihan Available On Wiki? 

Details about Lydia Moynihan have yet to arrive on Wikipedia. However, the young reporter has listed her details on her Linkedin account.

Lydia began her career in 2014 as an intern at KOIN-TV and Washington Business Week. She then worked as an Associate for the United Nations.

She quickly moved on to Nasdaq as a Marketing Associate, and then to Birchbox as a Public Relations Intern.

Lydia joined CNBC as an Intern in 2017 after working for all of these companies. She then moved on to Fox Business Network, where she is still working as a Producer for Charlie Gasparino.

Lydia will begin working for the New York Post in April 2021. She has already been working there for over a year and appears to be committed to it for many years to come.

Lydia Moynihan Net Worth

Lyda Moynihan has an estimated net worth of $370,000 to $550,000.

According to glassdoor, a Wall Street reporter working in New York City earns a salary of somewhere between $52,369 to $129,709.

Since Lydia works at the New York Post, one of the best conservative daily tabloid newspapers in the world, it is evident that she earns a high wage.

Is Journalist Lydia Moynihan married? Family Life Style

Based on journalist Lydia Moynihans’ social media, we can confirm that she is yet to get married. 

Lydia has shared photographs of her sister getting married. And whoever gets added to the family Lydia can be seen sharing their photos on her Instagram handle. 

But since the young reporter has not mentioned or shared about her partner, it is very likely that she is still single.

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