Who Is Kristina Svarinska Partner? Know AboutThe Slovak Actress

Kristina Svarinska’s partner’s name hasn’t been revealed yet

Kristina Svarinska’s partner’s name hasn’t been revealed yet. She is paired with Marek Klič on the ongoing show Just Dance which premiers on TV Markiza.

Kristína Svarinská is a Slovak actress and dubbing artist. She starred in the most visited Slovak cinema in 2011, Lóve.

Svarinská starred alongside Juraj Bača in the final season of Rex’s first season. She plays the ensemble cast as Ema Farkašová in the 2018 medical drama Sestričky.

She is well-known for her role in Druhý dych in 2012, Rain Falls on Our Souls in 2002, and Lady Terrorist in 2019.

Who Is Kristina Svarinska Partner?

Kristina Svarinska hasn’t revealed her partner’s name as many people thought her man was Roman Poláčik, but they got engaged in the series, not real life. He is 33 years old film actor.

Poláčik studied acting at the University of Bratislava. He caught viewers’ attention, especially with the series Fathers and The Worst Week of My Life.
Svarinska has shared their engagement picture on her Instagram account on February 3, which many people thought she got married to him. Still, he is already married to Katarina Poláčiková, and they even have a kid.

Kristina has successfully managed to keep her personal life from the public as she doesn’t want her loved ones to get bothered by the paparazzi and all the media.

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Kristina Svarinska Age And Wiki

Kristina Svarinska is 32 years of age, and she was born on May 14, 1989, in Slovakia. She is also available on the official site of Wikipedia page and also on the IMDb page.
Svarinska is now a contestant on the Let’s Dance dance, which is the Slovak version of Dancing with the Stars. She is paired with Marek as they are currently in the top 5 rankings.

Klič is a very talented actress who has worked in the acting field for more than a decade as she started to act professionally in 2008.

What Is Kristina Svarinska Net Worth In 2022?

Kristina Svarinska is estimated at around $18 million in 2022. She has been in this acting field for a long time, starting from television shows to movies.
However, the digits mentioned above are just an assumption by some sources online. She has appeared on different shows frequently as she can be seen active on various shows on the TV.

Her Instagram account can be found under @kristina.svarinska, with over 16k followers, she often posts pictures to know what’s going on in her life.

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