Who Is Kelly Giansiracusa? Her Age, Husband And Net Worth

Daniel Giansiracusa Wife, Age

Kelly Giansiracusa(Tisdale) is the wife of Daniel Giansiracusan. The pair have been married for 14 years now. 

According toDaniel Giansiracusa and Kelly (Giansiracusa) Tisdale has filed a lawsuit in the Supreme court over a multi-million dollar will. However, the details are not disclosed yet.

Who Is Kelly Giansiracusa (Tisdale)? Daniel Giansiracusa Wife


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Kelly Giansiracusa (Tisdale) is the wife of Daniel Giansiracusa. There is not much information about her on the internet. Her name surfaced on the web because of her spouse, a former Western Bulldogs player. 

As mentioned in when the former athlete had proposed to his longtime girlfriend, it was because she used to think that Lucas Neil was a better-looking man than him. 

He proposed to her, thinking Lucas may get ahead of him and take her away. They got married in December 2007. Ruby Iris (born November 2008) and Otis are the couple’s two children.

They have been married for 14 years now, as seen on social media. They have been family people ever since they welcomed their first child. 

It can be seen how happy they are as a family through their pictures on the internet, where they can be seen going to different places on family vacations and attending occasions together.

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What Is Kelly Giansiracusa Age?


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Kelly Giansiracusa’s age is not known as of 2022. However, judging from the pictures, it does not look like they have much difference.

According to the pair met when they were 17. Daniel introduced her to his parents when they were 19. Then, after a long time in their relationship, they exchanged vows. Therefore, Kelly seems to be 40 years old, just like her husband. There may be differences in their birth month, but we are yet to find out those details.

See Kelly Giansiracusa Photos

Kelly Giansiracusa posts photos of her and her family on Instagram. Her profile is public, and anyone can view what pictures she has posted.

The last picture she posted was on March 2022 with her family. She usually posts images where she can be seen spending time with her husband or family. 

Most of the time, she uploads the images taken during their vacation or family occasions. 

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