Who Is Katie Saro? Wikipedia Biography And Family Details Of The Art Of Vintage Host

Katie Saro, a vintage art dealer and artist based in Dallas, Texas, have launched a show named The Art Of Vintage that deals with interior designing of a house using antique materials.

The show has already premiered its first episode in September and is set to continue producing more episodes from August 6 2022.

The Art Of Vintage: Katie Saro Wikipedia

Katie Saro is a master antiquer who will one day become a well-known television personality. She believes the more unusual and vintage, the better while looking for antiques. Using her own house as a showroom to sell antiques to her customers, Katie transforms these one-of-a-kind objects into decorative accents.

She is an expressionist painter with a background in interior design based in Dallas. She feels that style is fundamental to life and that art is essential for your home, and, most importantly, it reflects goodness, beauty, and truth.

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Reselling vintage goods to her enormous social media following has helped designer and vintage dealer Katie Saro build a successful business. By taking on design clients, Katie grows her company as they renovate their house room by room.

Katie Saro Husband And Children

Katie is a married woman who successfully shares her matrimonial lie with her husband. She hasn’t revealed much information about her family members, though. She is a mother of 5 children and lives with her husband and kids at their newly furnished house in Dallas.

She posted a picture of her family on the occasion of Christman in 2019. The chemistry between the couple is pretty solid, and her husband also enjoys and supports her passion of Katie towards interior design.

Being the oldest of seven children, her life then was similar to how it is now. She spent most of her life in a modest duplex built in the 1800s, with her family residing on the bottom. Despite having little, they lived in a happy home.

Although her mother has a different aesthetic than her, she frequently moved things around in the house. Thus it must be how she acquired the lifelong disorder of moving things around. Before it was trendy, they spent their entire childhood shopping at garage sales and secondhand shops.

Katie Saro’s In 2022 Net Worth

Katie is one of the finest interior designers who opt for vintage artefacts to design the house. Most of her income is generated by selling antiques from her home. She is also starting her show named The Art Of Vintage which will be broadcasted regularly from August 6 2022.

She has never revealed her financial assets publically, but we can make an assumption based on her product sell value and the charges she takes to complete renovation work. She could make around $1 Million as net worth in 2022.

Currently, an engineer, her father worked as a carpenter as a student while attending college. He graduated from college when she was about ten years old.

As a result, their home was frequently under construction when she was younger because her dad was constantly remodelling her previous home at her mother’s request and with the kids’ reluctance. Her task was to remove every staple left on the floor when her father tore down the carpet, which she can still clearly remember.

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