Who is Jordan Southerland? His Persnol Life, Career, Age, Net Worth Details

Who is Jordan Southerland?

Jordan Southerland is a professional YouTuber who posts basketball videos on his channel. Many consider him to be the greatest basketball dunker of all time.

James rose to prominence through his YouTube channel, and he is now a member of the cast of the popular HBO show “Winning Time.” In the series, he portrays Julius Erving.

Is Jordan Southerland the greatest dunker on the planet? Let us find out about it and explore more about him.

Who Is One Foot Dunker Jordan Southerland?  


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Jordan Southerland, also known as “The Best Dunker in the World,” is a YouTube content creator who runs the Dunkademics Official channel. 

Jordan, a former YouTuber, is now winning fans’ hearts with his performances in HBOS’ Winning Time, a must-see program for any basketball fan.

The show follows the rise of the Showtime Lakers, led by Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, throughout the 1980s.

When Winning Time was announced, there was a lot of speculation about who would perform the prominent figures who helped shape that era of basketball.

Finally, we learned that Quincy Isaiah plays Magic Johnson, and Solomon Hughes plays Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Later, we learned that famous YouTuber Southerland would play Dr. J on the show.

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Jordan Southerland Age:


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Jordan Southerland is currently 27 years of age. Speaking of his height, he is currently about 192 cm. 

Jordan has kept his body in shape by regularly practicing for dunking contests. He might pay more attention to his shape now that he’s gotten into acting.

Jordan Southerland And Career In Basketball:

Jordan is an 11-time International Dunk Champion, according to online sources. According to his YouTube bio, he is the best one-foot dunker in the world right now.

Jordan became a dunker after being inspired to pursue his dream after his mother was diagnosed with cancer.

He drove to Indians for his first Sprite dunk contest in 2018, and the rest is history. Jordan considers himself to be one of the best one-foot dunkers of all time, as well as the best dunker in the world right now.

As of now, Jordan does not have a Wikipedia page because he has only recently begun his career as an actor. As a result of his performance in Winning Time, he will be featured on a number of websites in the near future.

What Is Jordan Southerland Parent’s Ethnicity?  

Jordan Southerland’s parents appear to be African-American. Jordan began dunks after his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Jordan’s mother wanted me to pursue my basketball dream after she finished chemotherapy, and he agreed. As a result, he drove to Indiana to compete in his first dunk contest.

He has aspired to be the best dunker in the world since that time, and he has already demonstrated his abilities to the rest of the world.

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