Who Is Joanne Albanese Las Vegas? Murder Timeline – Where Is John Patrick Addis Now?

Joanne Albanese was a divorced mother of two children from Las Vegas who mysteriously disappeared. 

A 39-years-old single mother, Joanne Albanese, thought she had found love in her life. However, things started to get ugly after their relationship started. 

It escalated more between the couple when a mother of two decided to end her relationship with her then-partner. Also, the same day, she went missing from her home in Las Vegas. 

1995 missing case has once again come to light with an Investigation Discovery covering up the crime story in the episode “American Monster: When’s Mom Coming Home?”

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Joanne Albanese from Las Vegas was a mother of two teen daughters and a divorcee. She grew up with family and traveled through Europe because of her dad’s job. 

She married Tom Albanese, her ex-husband, and shares two daughters from the relationship. Those two were teenage lovers who promised to be with each other but divorced in December 1991 after facing a complication.

While Joanne was moving on with her single life, she met John, a fitness trainer. The divorcee’s mother thought she had finally found a suitable partner for her at that time. 

However, in August 1995, she mysteriously disappeared from her own house. Her two teen daughters, who had just arrived home after spending the weekend with their father, couldn’t find a trace of her. 

Although they first thought she had gone on an unannounced vacation, the proof of her purse left behind, and the car found three days after the disappearance signified she went missing. 

Later in October 1988, her skeletal remains were found by a hunter.

John Patrick Addis died at 56 years old from a heart attack; however, the police officers believed he might have taken his own life. 

The officers found his dead body in a hotel room in Guatemala City, Guatemala. After killing Joanne, he went to Mexico and used a different name. 

Later, the Mexican authorities discovered that he had started a different life with another name and married a woman named Laura Liliana Padilla.

However, the woman Laura and her two children died from carbon monoxide poisoning. And after weeks later, he was found dead at a hotel. 

Joanne Albanese’s murder case is not available on the Wikipedia page. However, Investigation Discovery has covered up her murder case story. 

The episode “American Monster: When’s Mom coming home?” covers the story of the single mother and her former abusive partner who killed her. 

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