Who Is Jessie Francis? His Age, Career, And Net Worth Details

Jessie Francis The Mental Health Therapist

Mental health therapist Jessie Francis appeared on Jeopardy in the latest episode. Get to know her better below.

Jessie Francis is an American therapist who recently appeared in the game show Jeopardy.

Although the lady couldn’t take the title home as she was against an all-time great Mattea Roach, many people still loved her presence on the stage. She put on a good show but couldn’t capitalize on the chances.

Here is what we know about her based on the available information.

How Old Is Jessie Francis?

Guessing from her appearance, Jessie Francis’s age is thought to be around 30- 40 years old.

Unfortunately, her actual age is not disclosed on the internet sites.

Similarly, the woman is unreachable on social media platforms. Thus, we can only guess her age based on her outer appearance.

Considering this, the woman looks to be in her late thirties to early forties.

Jessie Francis Wiki Her Career Details

Jessie Francis works as a mental health therapist, but she doesn’t have a dedicated Wikipedia bio page.

She has a long career in her respective field as a therapist.

Besides this, Francis is also an NAQT Logistician who coordinates school championships at the local level.

The jeopardy contestant is a well-known person in her community and works hard to contribute to society in any way she can.

Despite her brilliant works, the lady is yet to contribute to a wider level and make a bigger name for herself.

What Is Jessie Francis Net Worth?

Jessie Francis’s net worth value is estimated to be around $200k- $1 million.

She has been working as a therapist for a pretty long time and is earning a decent amount of money.

Considering her other income possibilities and her profession, Jessie is expected to have a good valuation.

Regardless, the official confirmation regarding her net worth is yet to be updated.

Jessie Francis On Instagram

Jessie Francis is yet to be found on Instagram.

As things stand, it seems like the woman is not available on the photo-sharing platform.

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