Who Is Jean-Baptiste Kempf? His Age, Family And Net Worth

What Is Jean-Baptiste Kempf Net Worth In 2022?

Jean-Baptiste Kempf is one of the wealthiest French computer engineers and VLC media player owners. Find out more about him.

Jean-Baptiste Kempf is the president of VideoLAN and a lead creator of the open-source media player VLC. The VideoLAN project began at Ecole Centrale Paris, where students were in charge of the campus’ computer network. All computers were overseen by a group of students rather than the unusual institution.

VLC plays everything you want without requiring you to install any Codec packs, which was a brilliant move that happened more by accident than design.

Jean-Baptiste Kempf Net Worth In 2022 As VLC Media Player Owner

Jean-Baptiste Kempf’s net worth is estimated to be millions, but he hasn’t disclosed his real earnings.

He is a French computer engineer who has made significant contributions to the VideoLAN project and the VLC software.He’s worked on various computer science projects, ranging from large and minor Open Source development to System and Network administration, hardware design, High-Performance Computing, IT support, and Information Systems architecture.

In 2003, he started working on VideoLAN, a second-year project at École centrale and VLC. As vice-president of the VIA Centrale Réseaux organization, he strives to develop a computer network for students. He formed the VideoLAN association in 2008 to provide the project independence from the École centrale, he has been its president since then. He founded the company Videolabs in 2012, which provides VLC-related services and financially supports the software’s development.

He was named director of technology at Blade in September 2020, after Arnaud Lamy. The blade was dismissed as technical director 13 after OVHcloud took over in 2021.He’s recently founded a couple of firms and is in charge of significant technological teams.

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Jean-Baptiste Kempf Lives A Mysterious Life -Where Is He Today?

The whereabouts of Jean-Baptiste Kempf remain unclear; he is rarely seen in the media; thus, many are curious as to where he is now and what he might do next.

He was born on March 30, 1983, and he is of French nationality. He attended the Lycée Henri-IV in Paris, where he earned a scientific baccalaureate, then studied in a Grandes Ecoles preparatory class before joining the École centrale Paris in September 2003.

He earned his bachelor’s degree in information technology and telecommunications in 2006.

Jean currently works as the CEO and Founder of New Video Project, the CTO of Shadow, and the President of VideoLAN.

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