Who Is Jacob Stallings Wife Amy Beth? Details On Their Married Life

Jacob Stallings Wife- How Old Is She?

Amy Beth’s age as of 2022 is unknown. We may infer she is in her twenties based on her photos.

Amy and Jacob have been married for a long time, but their wedding was kept a secret for a long time. There is no information on their marriage.

Jacob, who is 32 years old, appears to be in a long and happy partnership. Jacob was born and raised in Lawrence, Kansas, and attended Brentwood Academy.

Jacob and his wife Amy have moved around a lot because of his job, playing in numerous teams.

With Jacob being moved to the Miami Marlins in 2021, it appears that this is Jacob and Amy’s new home.

Jacob Stallings’s Wife’s Children

Jacob and Amy have had two lovely children since their marriage. Emmitt, who is four years old, and Micah, who is two years old, are the two children.

They just revealed that they are expecting another boy. Jacob Stallings draws support and direction from his family through all of his career’s ups and downs.

He recently accompanied Amy Beth and the boys to a conference organized by Pro Athletes Outreach, a Christian leadership training ministry, in south Florida shortly after the trade. All it needed was a little sun to open the family’s eyes to the possibilities.

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Is Jacob Stalling Wife On Instagram?

We discovered an account on Instagram that we believe is Amy Beth, but we are not sure. It’s a private account with the handle. So we can’t be sure, but it appears to be her Instagram based on the photo.

On the other hand, Jacob does not have a social media account. He appears to be disconnected from social media.

Jacob comes from an athletic family, as his father, Kevin Stallings, was a former head basketball coach for the men’s basketball teams at Illinois State, Vanderbilt, and the Pittsburgh Panthers. But, surprisingly, Jacob was more interested in baseball than hoops.

Jacob attended the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, where he was a North Carolina State baseball team member.

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