Who Is Idah Alisha? Her Age, Husband And Net Worth

Who Is Idah Alisha Husband?

It has been rumored that Idha Alisha has married. However, there is not much information about her husband. She has been very vocal about the abuse she faced while she was in her first marriage.

Let’s find out more about the actress and her personal life.

Alisha came into the limelight for her role in Mother in Law. She is loved by the people for her authenticity and her dedication to portraying the character she plays. She is revered by many audiences and her fellow artist.

Her interviews indicate that she is a victim of domestic abuse and assault; however, she managed to leave that relationship to live her life as an independent woman living on her own terms.

Idah Alisha’s Husband & Wedding 

Idah was married to a man named Roy Upton, with who she has alleged to have been abusive. She has ended that relationship and has moved on with her life. It was reported that she has gotten married for the second time, as per the reporter published by Ghafla.

The man she has been said to have been married to has not been revealed. It was said that the couple got engaged and married in 2018; however, there is no information besides that to the public.

Thus, there are only speculations and nothing more about her relationships. Idah is a role model for many women who face abuse from their partners because she moved away from that life and became a success.

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Idah Alisha Ex Roy Upton

Idah has said that she got married to Roy Upton when she was 21 years old. She has said that she was in an abusive relationship where her ex-husband used to give her torture, and she did not have freedom in her life.

Thus, she decided to move to the US from her country for education. She has said that she sold her wedding dress before she left for the US. She managed to come to the US and turned her life around.

She was recently seen talking about her life in her recent interview, where she was crying, and the host too was shocked and saddened by her devasted marriage.

Is Idah Alisha Married in 2022?

s of rumor, Idah is married. However, there is not much information besides that to the public. It was reported that there was a picture of her showing her wedding, but now, that picture was not found.

She is also on Instagram under the handle name  with more than 275,000 followers. She posts many pictures of her and her friends having good times.

Alisha and her friend have a podcast show too, which updates people can find on their Instagram page 

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