Who Is He? What Happened To The Brothers After A Member Of  Gang Was Killed In The BC Whistler Village Shooting?

Harb Dhaliwal: Who Is He? What Happened To The Brothers After A Member Of  Gang Was Killed In The BC Whistler Village Shooting?

On April 17 of last year, Harb Dhaliwal, a member of the Brothers Keepers gang, was shot and killed in Coal Harbour.

Yesterday in Whistler, his brother Meninder Dhaliwal was also killed by gunfire. Authorities think that gang violence on the lower mainland is to blame for these fatalities.

Harb Dhaliwal

Harb Dhaliwal: Who Was He?

Three brothers in Harb’s family—who together formerly controlled the Brothers Keepers gang—were the middle child. Dhaliwal and his criminal brothers, the oldest, Barinder, and the youngest, Meninder, have been the targets of gunshots in the Lower Mainland during the previous ten years.

Harb was shot twice before he passed away, first in Richmond in December 2018 and once in Abbotsford in October 2017.

The 31-year-old was shot on the well-known waterfront area when he was with his two brothers and a number of pals. Barinder, who was in shock, cried out Harb’s name as his brother lay dead on the sidewalk. Six police officers were required to subdue him.

Meninder Dhaliwal And His Friend Killed In Latest Canadian Gang War Incident

Meninder Dhaliwal And His Friend Were Killed In The Most Recent Incident Of A Canadian Gang War Between Two Gangs. Satinder Gill was reportedly another victim of the gun violence that occurred in Whistler on Sunday afternoon in broad daylight.

When they were photographed outside the Sundial Hotel in Whistler, a Canadian town near Vancouver, Meninder Dhaliwal and Satinder Gill were there. The Canadian Police claim that Gill was not a gang member.

Ocean to Sky On July 24 at around noon, numerous complaints were made regarding two males being shot at the Sundial Boutique Hotel in Whistler’s 4300-block of Sundial Crescent.

The Dhaliwal Brothers: What Happened?

Meninder was present when his brothers Barinder and Harb were killed in April 2021 outside a posh Coal Harbour restaurant in Vancouver. No charges were ever made against Meninder for the incident, despite the fact that he pursued the hitman for two blocks before stabbing him in the eye.

The alleged hitman, Francois Gauthier, entered a plea of guilty to second-degree murder last month and was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of release for 20 years. Meninder was supposedly found carrying a gun in November 2020 in Surrey, close to the clubhouse of the Hardside Hells Angels chapter, but no charges were ever brought against him.

Homocide Video Goes Viral On Twitter

A grisly video of Dhaliwal and Gill lying face down in bloody puddles went viral online shortly after the midday shooting. There were also pictures of a car being stopped by police not far from Whistler.

Dashcam footage and eyewitnesses near to the crime scene are also being sought after by investigators. The detectives are requesting any acquaintances of Mr. Gill or Mr. Dhaliwal to come forward in order to uncover the missing pieces of this tragedy.

The local RCMP first stated that only two people had been apprehended. Beyond a few, the police were unable to provide an exact number of arrests.

The Brother’s Keepers and the United Nations gang have been at war with one another violently for the past few years.

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