Who Is Grant Wood JJC? Is The Taylor Swift Id Lie Song Song About This Ex Boyfriend?

Grant Wood, an attorney at JJC Law, is a high school lover of the renowned American singer and songwriter Tylor Swift, who even dedicated a song to him at her high school talent show. 

Wood is a Lawyer at JJC law in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States. Also, he is an Associate Attorney at The Lambert Firm. Wood was the high school love of the singer Swift, and she wrote a song about the boy’s love. 

Grant Wood is the son of the Tylor English teacher who Taylor Swift fell in love with in high school. She was in love with Wood but had never said about her feeling to him personally. In high school time, the singer performed the song at the talent show for Wood. 

Tylor wrote the song for him, and during the performance, Wood found out about the feelings of the singer Swift. 

According to Swift’s profile, she joined the high school in Wyomissing Area. She finishes her junior and senior high school journey there. So, Wood may be a student in the same school. Also, Wood’s father was the professor at the school who used to teach English. 

Swift had fallen in love with the talented guy at her school level. The reputed American singer has used her talent to confront her passion through her performance in the talent show in her school days. She was romantic from her childhood which senses in her songs. 

Taylor Swift Id Lie Song About An Ex Boyfriend

Yes, Swift’s I’d Lie song is about her ex-lover Wood. The singer wrote the music to express her sentiment for the boy who will never fall in love with her. The song shows the love of the singer towards him. The girl hopes the boy lies because she secretly loves him. 

Moreover, Swift’s song gained fame among school students and friends. The song came to public highlight after goes live in 2006 in GAC SHortcust and Billboard. The song was the first copy for her first single album, purchased best in the first week. 

id lie by Taylor Swift
id lie by Taylor Swift
( Source : Twitter )

On GAC Shortcuts, Swift shared her feeling and a crush on the teacher’s son during her second year of school. Nonetheless, the singer became friends with the boy. But the boy couldn’t understand her feeling for him. As a result, she sang the song in a campfire to know what her friends thought. 

Later, Swift performed on the talent show knowing Wood would be there. In the song, all lyrics got dedicated to the boy. He has never noticed his affection for Tylor towards him. 

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Where Is Grant Wood Today?

Grant Wood recently works in Grater New Orleans Region as an attorney at JJC Law. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in political science and Philosophy at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. In 2014, he gained Civil Law Certificate from Tulane University Law School. 

In April 2013, Wood started his career as a Law Clerk in Gainsburgh, Benjamin, David, Meunier & Warshauer LLC. Later, he joined Tulane Criminal Litigation Clinic as a student attorney in New Orleans. 

In July 2015, Wood got appointed at Capitelli and Wicker as a Law Clerk. After three months, he worked at Orleans Parish Civil District Court as Judicial Law Clerk, Judge Paula A. Brown. 

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