Who Is Gabi Holzwarth? Violinist New Husband After Break Up With Travis Kalanick

On top of that, she is also prominently known as the ex-girlfriend of Travis Kalanick, the co-founder along with former chief executive officer of Uber.

Gabi Holzwarth is a well-acknowledged professional violinist for her various tech events performances. She is a classically trained violinist.

The proficient violinist initiated her career performing at tech conferences, parties, and later weddings across the globe.

We’ve got you covered if you don’t have the foggiest of ideas about the violinist. In the article beneath, we’ve covered some details about her.

Gabi Holzwarth Ethnicity And Age: Her Wikipedia


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Discoursing Gabi Holzwarth’s ethnicity, the violinist is an American-Asian. She grew up reportedly in Redwood City, California, but Gabi is also Chinese descent.

The well-acclaimed violinist’s mother is from China and allegedly migrated to the USA. Whereas the violinist was born and brought up in the USA.
Discussing the violinist’s age, she is 32 years old. The web personality was introduced on the 14th of January 1990.

She started playing at early age, reportedly at three. Her passion for playing grew immensely over time, and she started playing on the street.

It not only gave her joy but was an awesome side hustle for her while she served for the San Jose Earthquakes soccer team.

The 32-year-old violinist started getting invitations to play at various events after her performance caught the eye of many.

Although she hasn’t been emphasized on Wikipedia thus far, the violinist is highlighted on several news platforms until this day.

Discoursing her academic attributes, the celebrated personality acquired her Bachelor of Arts in 2011 from the University of California.

She reportedly attended the local high school, Saint Francis High School. She has been practicing violin since she was a child.

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Who Is Gabi Holzwarth’s Husband After Break Up With Travis Kalanick?


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Gabi Holzwarth is engaged to her fiancé, husband to be William Thomas, after breaking up with Travis Kalanick, the CEO of Uber.

The couple welcomed their firstborn son, Oliver Shān Thomas, on the 3rd of April 2022. She posted about her son in her Instagram handle.
She has been making rounds on the web after she uncovered the pictures of her newborn. Even her relationship history is also under scrutiny.

Her former boyfriend Travis helped the violinist rise from a street violinist to a serious musician. They dated for nearly two years until 2016.

Gabi Holzwarth Parents

Her parents brought up Gabi Holzwarth in Redwood City with her sister Yvette Holzwarth who is also a violinist as well as composer.

None of her parents belong to the violinist fraternity; however, they supported her passion for playing violin in every possible way they could.

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