Who Is Flavia Leone? Age Wikipeida Bio Parents & Boyfriend

Actress Flavia Leone, born in 2006, currently resides in Rome, Italy. She is 16 years old. 

After being cast as Livia Mancini in the 2022 season of the Netflix series “Di4ries,” she skyrocketed to the forefront of public attention. Di4ries is set to release on the platform on July 26 and has already established a place in the viewers’ hearts. 

According to the reports, Leone regularly received her theatrical training at the San Paolo Theater. There, she had a habit of frequently performing on stage in various shows. In addition to her acting training, Flavia has also received dance training at the Quirino and Ambra Jovinelli theaters.

After several years in the theater industry, Leone decided to work with Studio Segre as her talent manager and immediately began attending auditions. To our great good fortune, this young Italian performer did not have to go through a series of auditions before landing her first part. 

In 2019, she was selected to play a significant role in a movie that will be released under the title “Genitori Vs. Influencer.” Leone’s performance in her first picture was so impressive that it helped her garner a substantial following after its release. Flavia, however, came under the limelight for the new Netflix series, Di4ries.

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