Who Is Dr Jeremy Fernando? His Career, Wife, Family, Biography Details

Who Is Dr Jeremy Fernando?

Is Dr. Jeremy Fernando Arrested? NUS University Political Science professor was fired over inappropriate behavior recently.

Dr. Jeremy Fernando is the NUS teacher who was called out for sexual misconduct in 2020.

His name shortly became notorious in Singapore due to the allegations, and the incident received far-wide media and public attention.

He worked at Tembusu College under NUS when he was accused of sexual misconduct. Tembusu College is one of four residential colleges in University Town.

Is Dr. Jeremy Fernando Arrested?

Dr. Jeremy Fernando was not arrested for the sexual misconduct allegations.

He was accused by two undergraduate students at the time, whose story became notorious in the college.

The case became the highlight of the NUS campus, and the incident was added to many incidents on the campus.

Prior to Fernando’s case, many students had come forward sharing their unpleasant experiences on campus with fellow students.

The Straits Times covered the whole incident and provided further details about the case.

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NUS University Political Science Professor Fired For Inappropriate Behavior:

Dr. Jeremy Fernando, the NUS Political Science professor, was fired by the University following the inappropriate behavior complain by two students.

His first victim said that Fernando had been making non-consensual sexual advances toward her since Oct 2019 and only stopped at the start of the circuit breaker.

She claimed that the lecturer kissed and groped her without consent and even performed oral sex while drunk. He even sent many gifts to her house despite asking him to stop.

The victims claimed that throughout Fernando’s behavior, he had asked them not to tell anyone as he feared losing his job.

Dr. Jeremy Fernando Wife And Family:

Dr. Jeremy Fernando did not talk about his personal matters including his family matters and his wife’s identity in public.

After the case’s disturbance, Fernando opted for privacy for his family to keep them away from online and public hate.

Likewise, he has also resorted to strictly professional life after the 2020 case.

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