Who Is Dave Von Raven? His Age, Girlfriend And Net Worth

Who Is Dave Von Raven Partner?

Dave Von Raven has been speculated to be married or in a serious relationship; however, he still reveals his partner to the world. Dave is a talented singer from Netherland.

Let’s find out more about the Dutch rockstar.

Dave is an extremely popular singer among people speaking Dutch. He and his band, The Kik, has been very active in the field of music for a long time. They produce a unique style of music that resonates with a populace.

He does have a unique approach to music, which is not that common in most musicians. This quality of his is also one of the important things that separate him from the crowd of musicians and has managed to prove himself to be worthy.

Dave Von Raven Partner


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Dave is reported to be married or in a relationship; however, he has not disclosed his relationship to the public. On his social media, he has uploaded pictures of holding a baby and when he was expecting.

This indicates that he has a baby with someone; however, he has not revealed the mother of the child to the public, so people wonder about the singer and his personal life, which he is hiding.

It must be his attempt to hide his closed ones from the ruthless media scrutiny that came as a consequence of the singer’s popularity. Dave seems to be very protective of his family, so little is known about them.

It can be expected that as the singer’s popularity surges, his family details will also hit the media. For now, the only thing that is shared with the world is that he is the father of one.

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Dave Von Raven’s Net Worth


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Dave’s net worth is estimated to be more than $1 million as per various sources. He amassed his wealth as the result of his successful music career in the entertainment industry and seems to be continuing that.

Before he founded The Kik, he was the founder of the band named The Madd, which was formed in 2007. However, that band did not last very long, and in 2010, the band was dissolved. Together with some members from that band, he made a new band.

The name of the new band is The Kik. The Kik is his current band and is very popular in the Dutch music scene. People seem to have been loving to see various musical experiment that goes with the band.

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