Who Is Cole McLaughlin? Age, and Biography and Net Worth

Cole McLaughlin is famous as the brother of comedian Rhett McLaughlin.

Cole McLaughlin is famous as the brother of comedian Rhett McLaughlin. Let’s know everything about McLaughlin in the below article.

Cole McLaughlin is worldwide known for being the brother of comedian Rhett McLaughlin. On the other hand, Rhett McLaughlin is an internet sensation and one half of the famous YouTube comedy duo ‘Rhett and Link,’ meanwhile, the other half is his friend Charles “Link” Neal III.

Moreover, Rhett is famous for his trendy fashion sense, quirky acting and comic timing. However, with his beard and hairstyle, he makes a powerful and unique fashion statement, frequently staining his hair in various colors.

Similarly, he attended Carolina State University and received a degree in civil engineering. After becoming a civil engineer and finishing his studies, Rhett began his further career by finding a job. Still, he decided to resign from his job to pursue his ambitions of becoming an actor, writer,  and comedian.

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Rhett McLaughlin Brother Cole McLaughlin

As we mentioned earlier, Cole McLaughlin is the vice president of the Triangle YMCA. Moreover, he is famously known as the brother of Rhett McLaughlin, a very famous comedian and youtube personality. For more information, Cole is their older brother of Rhett.

Despite being the bother of such a huge personality, Cole hasnt shared much about his private details on the web sources. But we know that he has been actively functioning as a Senior fundraiser and relationship manager with over 15 years of experience building and growing profitable relationships that develop net new revenue and increase overall client satisfaction.Moreover, Cole is private whenever it comes to his private life and family. Nonetheless, we are sure Cole must be doing great in his vocation.

Not to worry, we will continue our survey and fulfill the session with more details about Cole when he feels comfortable sharing the details publicly on media sources.

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Cole McLaughlin Age And Career Bio

Cole McLaughlin’s age is currently missing from the web sources. Nevertheless, we can speculate that he is 40-50 years old, as Cole is older than Rhett, who is 43 years old as of 2022.

Additionally, we do not have details about Cole’s age and birth details. Apart from that, Rhett was October 11, 1977, and grew up together with his older brother Cole in Buies Creek, North Carolina.

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Not to mention, Cole’s profile is also available on LinkedIn, where he has stated that Cole visited Reformed Theological Seminary and The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Before this, Cole served as Executive Director/Senior Pastor at Peace Presbyterian Church. Likewise, Cole has been active in the field for a long time.

Cole McLaughlin Wife- Is He Married?

Cole McLaughlin is a married man and has his own family. Unfortunately, Cole loves to keep his family away from the public eye, so we can’t share much about them at the moment. Apart from that, Cole also seems to have kids as well. But due to lack of information, we couldn’t talk much about McLaughlin’s family.

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