Who Is Carol Carpenter From Dublin Murders? Joseph Dowling Suicide In Prison

Carol Carpenter’s murder case was the first to have DNA profiling to catch the culprit. Joseph Dowling, her brother’s friend, pleaded guilty to killing a 15-years-old girl. 

Following the charges, he was life imprisoned and sentenced to jail. However, Joseph committed suicide in 1994 in prison after getting convicted of the 1988 crime. 

Dowling was 20 when he murdered 15 years old Carpenter. He was her brother’s friend and a neighbor that she would have easily trusted. 

The Forensic test and the blood stain evidence on the house helped the case to find the real culprit behind the brutal murder of the victim.

Also, the spatter blood pattern on the fridge signifies that she must have been lying down when battered. 

The case ended with Joseph getting charged with murder and pleading guilty, facing life imprisonment. However, he killed himself in prison. 

Joseph Dowling was found guilty of Carol Carpenter murder
( Source : Dailystar )

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