Who Is Bryan Harsin Daughter? What Did She Say About Her Father’s Affair? Family, Career, Net Worth Details

Who Is Bryan Harsin?

Bryan Harsin is an American football coach and the current head coach of Auburn University. The role he has held since 2020.

Previously, Bryan coached the Boise State University from the 2014 season to the 2020 season. Over there, he posted an impressive record of 64 wins and 17 losses.

The 45 year old first began his coaching career in 2013 as the head coach of the Arkansas State University. Before becoming the head coach, he led the University of Texas as their co-offensive coordinator, playing a major role in the team’s performance on the field.

Born in Boise, Idaho, Harsin is the Boise Capital High School graduate and former quarterback at the Boise Stae University.

Who is Bryan Harsin’s daughter? The future of the Auburn University head coach seems uncertain amid the resignation of both coordinators in recent weeks.

Who Is Bryan Harsin, Daughter?


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Bryan Harsin does not have one daughter but has two and a son.

The 45-year-old daughters’ names are Devyn Lynn Harsin and Dayn Mykena Harsin. His son is Davis Harsin.

Devyn is the oldest child of Bryan, who is a licensed esthetician in Auburn. In addition, she is also a certified permanent makeup bow artist. One can find her on Instagram under the name @browsandbeauty_bydevyn.

Unfortunately, information about the head coach’s second daughter is limited on the internet; however, she is available on Instagram under the name @daynharsinxo.

Likewise, Davis, the coach’s son, is found on Twitter as @DavisHarsin.

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Is Bryan Harsin Fired For Having Affair With Clesi Crochet?


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No, Bryan Harsin has not been fired at the moment; however, his future does look uncertain for now. And, also, his job uncertainty has nothing to do with the rumors of his affair with Clesi Crochet.

According to Justin Hokanson of ON3, his job is in a rocky situation following the resignation of the Auburn football team coordinators Derek Mason and Austin Davis in recent weeks, and also because of the Harsin 6-7 record in his first-year campaign.

In an interview, Brayan said”We will adjust and we’ll bring somebody in that’s going to help us be successful,” Harsin said. “And the one thing about our offense is we do have great coaches on staff that know our system. It’s not slowing us down right now from getting our players better and getting the new players that we brought in to learn what we’re doing. So who we bring in is going to enhance what we’ve already started.”

Who Is Clesi Crochet?

Clesi Crochet is the assistant to the head coach, Bryan Harsin, and football operations at Auburn University.

Previously, she held the same position at Boise Stae Football, where Brayn used to coach. The 45-year-old brought his assistant to Auburn after leaving Boise in 2020.

According to her Linkedin, she holds a Bachelor of Arts in communication and media studies from Boise Stae University. 

There is a rumor that Crochet and Harsin are having an affair; however, there is no evidence to prove the claim

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