Who Is BGT Joy Weir? Everything To Learn About 77-Year-Old Dancer

Joy Weir told Alisha Dixon that she auditioned for the program

because it was her granddaughters’ idea, and she had to do it for them.

Weir then stepped center stage, and as her music started playing, it was Tale from the Time from Beauty and the Beast, but it rapidly changed to Scooter’s The Logical Song and then the classic Scots Bits N Pieces.

Who Is BGT Joy Weir?

Joy Weir, an elderly grandmother who auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent, received rave reviews from the crowd and the judges.

Weir’s audition began routinely enough, with her standing in the center of the stage, smiling, as the sound system played the entrance to ‘Tale As Old As Time’ from Beauty and the Beast. However, what occurred next caught everyone in the crowd and those at home totally off guard.

The music abruptly changed to a cover version of German techno band Scooter’s electronic dance hit ‘The Logical Song,’ withJoy’s shaking her hips and gesticulating with her arms as she launched an incredible dance routine.

As the speed increased, Joy got the crowd on its feet and had judges Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon applauding along, while hosts Ant and Dec danced backstage with glowsticks, joining in with the party.

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Joy Weir Age: How Old?

Joy Weir, who was born in 1944/1945, is 77 years old. The precise date of birth, on the other hand, has yet to be determined.

It wasn’t long before a judge got in on the act during Joy’s audition dance when David Walliams joined Joy on stage.

The Little Britain actor pulled off his jacket and unzipped his shirt to display his chest while dancing with the 77-year-old to Artemesia’s Bits and Pieces and Darude’s Sandstorm, leading a disgusted head judge Simon Cowell to push his buzzer.

As the show concluded, Simon remarked that David’s cameo was “horrible,” but Amanda and Alesha rose to their feet to celebrate Weir’s efforts, as did the rest of the audience of 4,000.

The other judges were ecstatic with what they had just witnessed, but Simon was busy with David putting his jacket back on.

Joy Weir Family and Hometown

Joy Weir said she arrived with her two grandkids for the audition. Weir reported that she had a whopping 37 great-grandchildren and 21 grandkids.

Apart from this, Joy hasn’t revealed much else about her family. Joy also told that she was from Whitburn, West Lothian, only a few miles away from Susan Boyle’s hometown.

Whitburn is a tiny town in West Lothian, Scotland, located midway between Edinburgh and Glasgow.

After her audition, the judges had to vote whether or not to advance her to the next round, with David starting the voting by declaring, “Well, obviously, I’m going to say yes!”

Amanda and Alesha also replied yes, and Simon added, much to the audience’s joy, “I don’t know what to say, but you’re through to the next round.”

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