Who Is Belmont Cameli? How Tall Is? His Age, Family, Biography Details

Who Is Belmont Cameli?

Along for the Ride, a charming romantic film based on Sarah Dessen’s best-selling novel of the same name was released on Netflix this past weekend.

Belmont Cameli played Eli, the male lead and love interest in the film. Belmont’s character is an introverted adolescent who develops feelings for Auden (Emma Pasarow) after she moves to the calm seaside village of Colby Beach for the summer.

Eli, like Auden, is a night owl who enjoys evening skateboarding down the boardwalk. He meets Auden for the first time while she is up late reading, and the two become friends.

Belmont Cameli, an American actor from Naperville, Illinois, made headlines after starring in the Netflix film “Along for the Ride”, and fans are curious to know about the actor’s height.

Belmont Cameli Height In Feet: How Tall Is He?


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Belmont Cameli, the Eli actor, is just over 6 feet tall, at 6’1′′ to be precise. Emma Pasarow, his co-star in Along for the Ride, is a few inches shorter than him at 5 feet 7 inches. It creates a cute height disparity between them, which only adds to the allure of their connection.

He is a handsome man with black colored hair and brown colored eyes. 

Belmont first became well-known after starring in the Peacock television series Saved by the Bell. He has appeared in all twenty episodes of the television show.

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Belmont Cameli Age: How Old Is Along for the Ride Actor?


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The age of Belmont Cameli, the actor in Along for the Ride, is 24 years old. He was born on March 1, 1998, in Naperville, Illinois, USA.

Belmont Cameli’s parents’ names are Leslie Cameli and Joseph Cameli. His father, unfortunately, died a few years ago. Patrick (brother) and Julie (sister) are his siblings.

Cameli has worked in both television dramas and feature films since arriving in Hollywood in 2018. He has also worked as a fashion model for labels such as Abercrombie & Fitch.

Belmont Cameli Wiki

Belmont Cameli does not have a Wikipedia page. However, information about the actor is available on different websites.

The actor from Los Angeles finished his study at the College of DuPage Theatre School in 2016. He joined FL Productions, a local theatre, to regularly learn and practice stage plays.

He has appeared in plays such as “Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat,” “Jen’s Q&A,” “Footloose,” and “A Reluctant Butterfly”.

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