Who Is Alvin Miclat? Head MIS/ IT At Bina Bangsa School In Phsa Abuse Case Details

The Philippine High School for the Arts (PHSA) is a specialized public high school in the Philippines that is sought out for its outstanding art education. Unfortunately, the name of this sophisticated Philippines high school is rapidly circulating over the internet for negative remarks!

While everyone from the external viewpoint perceives PHSA as an elite state-run boarding school providing highly coveted scholarships to the top of the country’s young artists, the students enrolled there revealed an entrenched culture of physical and emotional abuse.

Read further to unlock the dark history of the famed art school, which is located in one of the most desirable places near Manila but has haunted the life of several students.

Alvin Miclat is an ex-employee of PHSA who currently serves as the Head MIS/IT of Bina Bangsa School. While the heinous revelation of PHSA swarmed the Internet, Alvin’s name was inseparable from his misdeeds.

Founded by Presidential Decree in 1978, PHSA is located in Mt. Makiling, Los Banos. The high school stands in an idyllic location surrounded by mountains, and you need to make a two-hour drive south of the capital Manila to reach there.

The campus is made up of charmingly designed halls and dormitories that are encapsulated by gorgeous rainforests and are often drenched in mist due to its high altitude. The setting provides the motivation and solitude that the school’s founders saw as ideal for arts education; nevertheless, it carries a legacy of abuse and secrecy.

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Alvin Miclat had come a long way before garnering the position of the Head MIS/IT of Bina Bangsa School. He is a former houseparent and dormitory supervisor who is now investigated for sexually harassing students at the state-run Philippine High School for the Arts (PHSA).

As Alvin was accused of sexual misconduct, he was brought for a polygraph test by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI). The investigators noticed red flags when Miclat was asked sensitive questions.

Earlier this week, Miclat agreed to go through a polygraph test. The registered nurse worked in several positions from handyman to houseparent before becoming PHSA’s human resources director. Miclat is reportedly on leave on his own accord since he was named in reports of abuse involving former and current PHSA students.

Even though there is no disclosure of Alvin Miclat’s date of birth, the man seems to be in his early thirties. Similarly, as of this moment, no information regarding his family life has been revealed on the Internet.

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