Who Are Ted and Barbara Grimley? Melissa Caddick Parents Net Worth And Case Update

Ted and Barbara Grimley are the parents of the con woman Melissa Caddick, who disappeared on 12 November 2020 after pulling a Ponzi scheme. 

Ted Grimley is currently 87 years of age and lives with his wife, Barbara. They recently opened up about their agreement with their vanished daughter amid their disagreements between the investors. 

Melissa agreed with her parents to let them live rent-free in the Edgecliff apartment for a lifetime. Meanwhile, her mom and dad also claimed they gave their con daughter $1.1 million for the mortgage payment.  

Nevertheless, the woman spent her money on a lavish lifestyle instead of paying the mortgage, as per the court. The parents have currently facing a dispute with the investors’ team.  

The Grimley’s barrister Robert Newlands has challenged the investors’ group for the battle, stating, “If someone wants to contest my clients’ propriety claim, I’ll say it openly; they should bring it forward.”

Ted and Barbara Grimley and a group of investors may be headed for a court battle to claim millions of dollars which Melissa Caddick stole via her Ponzi scheme.


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