Who Are Kevin Samuels Children? Wife Net Worth

Kevin Samuels is a self-proclaimed relationship expert

Kevin Samuels is a self-proclaimed relationship expert and image consultant, whose unexpected demise has dragged the world to something else- his children.

Samuels is a life coach, a Youtuber, and a relationship coach who used to be an image consultant. Unlike others, his gateway to the stardom was negativity- the sexual remarks against Black women.

Samuels attended Millwood High School before continuing his study at the University of Oklahoma, where he got a chemical engineering degree.

Everything About The Children Of Kevin Samuels


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Talking about the children, Kevin Samuels shares a daughter with his ex-wife. The child is said to have been born on June 29, 2000.

Despite being a self-proclaimed relationship guru, Kevin has had two failed marriages which ended up in divorce.
The only person the expect ever cared about, other than himself, must be his daughter as he shares the joint custody of their daughter.

Given that he is a dating specialist, one would assume he is in a happy relationship.
Kevin’s personal life is disjointed, despite the fact that he was said to be an amazing guy who hyped other. He is, nevertheless, a private individual who does not disclose anything about his personal life to anyone.

It saddens us to say that Samuels never had any intention to reveal his ex-wife or daughter to the netizens. He prefers to keep his personal life private and avoids public scrutiny.

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Kevin Samuels Net Worth: How Rich Is The Consultant?


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Since the official data is under wraps, online sources like the Sun has recorded Kevin Samuels’ net worth to be over $4 million. As Kevin might be a certified counselor, his payment must be pretty good which was enough for him to live his life the way he wanted.

This fortune was amassed through his profession as a dating expert and life coach. In Oklahoma, he established his own image consultancy shop called Life & Style by Kevin Samuels, where he met customers.
With over a million followers on Instagram and YouTube, the celebrity also made money through social media.

Kevin frequently flaunted his wealth on social media, including a massive automobile collection and apparel.

While Exploring The Sexuality Of Kevin Samuels: Is He Gay?

Several allegations have surfaced claiming that Kevin Samuels, 57, is gay. And he has consistently emphasized that he is not a member of the community, thereby ending the charade.

The rumors might have been fuelled by his two unsuccessful marriages. Because of the expect’s lack of professionalism, his counseling sessions are rarely meaningful but rather subject to constant trolling and criticisms.
However, since he was found dead at his one-night stand, it also puts an end to mocking his sexuality. But, everyone is gay and that’s okay!

No matter how good Kevin may be, it was his own self who ended up asking for all the hate he’s receiving on his deathbed. Despite being a black man himself, he has never shown any respect towards the women of same ethnicity.

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