Who Are Ikem Ekwonu? Meet His Parents, His Biography, Career And Net Worth Details

Who Are Ikem Ekwonu?

With his remarkable career as an offensive lineman, Ikem Ekwonu has pleased his parents.

Ikem Ekwonu, a Charlotte native, is expected to be picked in the NFL Draft’s Top 10.

Because of his flexibility and play temperament, Icky Ekwonu has evolved as a preferred target in mock selections for the New York Giants.

Who Are Ikem Ekwonu Parents?


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As the favored prospect, Ikem Ekwonu’s parents are delighted, stating that their son “plays with an extremely violent demeanor.” Besides, his parents’ names are reported to be Tagbo and Amaka Ekwonu.

In the 1990s, Ikem’s father moved to Charlotte from Nigeria and currently works as a family physician.

After coming to the United States in the 1980s, Amaka, Ike’s mother, became a high school running champion and now supervises T.J.’s family-owned firm.

Similarly, his mother showed a photo of Ickey when he was approximately nine years old, just commencing flag football and sporting a wide grin.

Tagbo and Amaka Ekwonu, according to WCNC, are Nigerians who met in England.

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Ikem Ekwonu Girlfriend: Is He Dating Anyone?


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Ikem Ekwonu tends to be more obsessed with his career than with romance; nevertheless, he may have kept his girlfriend out of the spotlight to safeguard his solitude.

On the football field, he has consistently demonstrated his worth. Many people have inquired about his relationship status due to his recent notoriety.

Regardless, the football star has narrowed his professional goals. He claims that committing to a love relationship will jeopardize his promising football career.

Does Ikem Ekwonu Have A Brother? Family And Ethnic Background

Osita, Ikem’s twin brother, is a Notre Dame defensive lineman. Tagbo and Amaka Ekwonu have four children, and they are the youngest of their siblings.

Ikem’s older brother is a graphic designer and animator. Ikem’s older sister is a medical student at the University of Chicago, and she aspires to follow in her father’s footsteps.

Besides, in Charlotte, his parents raised a small family. The boys participated in various sports as youngsters, but football was not one of them until they were around nine years old, as per his mom.

Although nothing is known about his family’s ethnic origin, it is clear that the family is close and supportive of one another’s careers.

Ikem Ekwonu Net Worth

Although we estimate his income to be sizable, Ikem Ekwonu’s absolute net worth is still being analyzed as of 2022.

He is now preparing for the 2022 NFL Draft since he is the favored prospect.

Besides, Ekwonu is 6-foot-4 and weighs 310 pounds, with 34-inch arms and 14-inch hands. Because of his size and quickness, he can start at both guard and tackle.

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