Who Are Connerjack Oswalt Parents? Missing Teen Found Alive

Authorities reported a teenager

who vanished almost three years ago in California was found safe in Utah last week. 

Connerjack Oswalt, diagnosed with autism, went missing in Clearlake on 28th September 2019, and he was just 16 years old at that time. His missing complaint was filed to the Clearlake Police Department the following day.

Finally, the search for Oswalt ended after several years after the authorities in the Summit County Sheriff found him safe near Jeremy’s Store in Summit Park.

Details On Connerjack Oswalt Parents


Connerjack Oswalt just reunited with his parents after disappearing from his family’s home in Lake County for almost three years.

The Oswalt family searched for their son for years, scanning social media, handing out fliers, and chasing down fruitless leads desperately. His parents even search him to the town of his birth, Idaho Falls, hoping he might eventually make it back there.

Oswalt’s mother, Suzanne Flint’s, resembled making quesadillas for her son, but when she went missing, it was time for his lunch in early 2019.

Connerjack Oswalt’s stepdad, Gerald Flint, stated, “Any hints at something that remotely resembled him, we would follow up on it. He further said, “It’s been a real nightmare to our family.”

Now, Connerjack Oswalt’s family eagerly wants to bring him back home soon. Summit County Sheriff’s Lt. Andrew Wright stated that social activities knowledgeable about autism took over Connerjack’s care after the reunion with his parents.

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Missing Connerjack Oswalt Found Alive In Utah

The Summit County Sheriff’s office encountered Connerjack Oswalt alive in a Utah convenience store after missing for three years in northern California, more than 700 miles.

The Officer on Facebook post stated that the Sheriff’s deputies responded to a gas station in the greater Park City area on 9th April after a “concerned community member” reported seeing the man sleeping there. The location is almost a 40-minute drive from Salt Lake City.

The man was offered to sit inside one of their vehicles to warm up and began researching who he was, stated the Sheriff’s office. Authorities discovered that Connerjack Oswalt,19, was found shivering at the gas station.

Connerjack Oswalt Family Background

Connerjack Oswalkt’s family originally hails from Idaho Falls, Bonneville County, the United States. He was raised by his mother, Suzanne Flint, and stepfather, Gerald Flint, in California.

After three years of a long search, Connerjack’s family is now relieved to reunite with their son, whom they thought they would never see again.

As per Sheriff Justin Martinez, Connerjack Oswalt has been surviving on the streets near Summit County for about two weeks. He was shivering and cold when they found him sleeping in a convenience store on Saturday.

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